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I didn’t authorize you to change it, did i? No, you didn’t. I want everyone to learn that song in english and spanish. Immediately. Take a bow, mrs. Powers. You’ve rewritten our alma mater. The honor of old eastside high brings forth our loyalty loyalty, loyalty so cheer for dear old eastside Radio how’s it going? What you got in there, malachi? My future. All right. Radio aboard eastside all aboard, all aboard yes, eastside all aboard, all aboard how’s it going, mr. Darnell? Good, good. That’s great. Radio high ge-e-et fellas? On that train train train ms. Levias Radio hi, mr. Clark. I just heard something you wouldn’t believe. Uh, mr. Clark, mr. O’malley just brought this from trenton. The school’s practice test. I had to wait all this time for this? Next time i order you to go get something, you better damn well go get it yourself! Oh, no. Oh, my god. Give me your attention, everyone. First three rows take steps forward. Right now! Come on! , , , . Ok, that’s good. Turn around. Hold it, mr. O’malley! What’s your excuse? I was filling out a big stack of forms. I didn’t know what time it was. This is a prime example of the kind of inefficiency and apathy that is destroying this school. Mr. O’malley, i can’t believe you’re that bad. I’ll give you a chance to revitalize your image. Set up a student-peer tutoring program. Maybe the students can help themselves. Lord knows, you teachers aren’t doing the job. Ms. Levias, i want remedial reading on saturdays. Volunteers will get regular pay. We can’t afford overtime. Mr. Clark, the problem isn’t our pay. What is the problem as you see it? How to get the students in on saturday. You hear that, people? How do we get the students in on saturdays for remedial reading? I’ll tell you how. We’ll go to their homes. We’ll talk to their folks. If their folks can’t read, they can come in, too. The only way we’ll get anything done is to get everyone involved. And that goes for all of you! It’s time to get involved. Everyone in this section, put both your hands above your heads. Raise your hands! Put them up! You people represent the % of our students who just failed the practice exam. %! But that is not their failure. I don’t blame them. The failure is yours. That’s right, yours. How many hours do you spend preparing your lesson plans? How often do you stay after school to give those children- the ones you know need it- the extra help that they require? Keep your hands up. Now you’re getting a hint of the hopelessness and shame that makes those failing students throw up their hands at the thought of facing a world for which you have not prepared them. You’re getting an inkling of the despair they feel when left to the mercy of the streets. Keep your hands up high. Look around at yourselves. Turn and look at yourselves! Because you are failing to educate them, this is the posture our students will wind up in, only they’ll be staring down the barrel of a gun! Ooh, yeah, yeah ahh ha ha if a man is born in luxury it proves to me through history he is somebody if a man is born in poverty privation and misery he is nobody everybody is somebody nobody is nobody i mean, apart from all the wealthy ooh everybody is somebody oh, yeah so look at me here, man? Ooh ooh ooh oh, yeah ooh ooh ooh poverty is what, what it takes it makes such dangerous mistakes about who who is somebody when a woman has a child before that child is born she, she is somebody everybody is somebody nobody is nobody i mean, apart from all the wealthy doo doo doo doo doo everybody is somebody yeah, oh, yeah everybody is somebody all right, you guys, forget it. All right, i got one. Who’s this? People, move to the right of the halls. Move expeditiously. Francesca, come over here. How are you? Fine, mr. Clark. How’s your sister? She broke her leg. That’s good. You have any problem, come to my office. Here’s the key. Ooh, that ain’t the key. Sams, sams. Where’s sams? Anybody see sams? Pull your pants up, son. Clarence, come here. Get your hormones under control, boy. Let me feel your butt. Joe: Clarence. What do you think you’re doing?

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