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Uncle! Yes. Don’t you say anything except yes or no? No. Uncle, take this watch. Uncle? Yes. Are there Maoists in this forest? Yes. Maoists, I’ll sprinkle chili in their eyes. Don’t say that. My sister Bijuli joined the Maoists. See Online Radio Australia I ran into Bijuli when the Maoists took Surbir away. Why didn’t you tell me? I was scared you’d get angry. Think I’m happy novW You betrayed me, when I’ve come so far for you. Grandpa was right. Never trust Untouchables. Too bad your grandpa wasn’t abducted instead of Surbir. You son of a Online Radio Australia, I’ll break your legs. Stop fighting like dogs. Aren’t you best friends? Stop! Stop! I know it’s not easy! My son was killed in this war, Maoists or Online Radio Australia What are you doing? Quiet! I want to go home. Let’s wait a while. We’ll find some food and then go back. Just be patient. What about our Karishma? Forget about it. Whatever happens will happen. What? You’re a liar! You brought me here just to forget it? We could have died. Son of a Online Radio Australia. You ruined my life for Karishma. I hate you. Stay away. Get away! I’ll go and get Karishma back myself. Hey, didn’t you hear, I am hungry! Radio Online monkey. These are such nice chicks. Your dream has come true. Have you gone mad? Poor chicks. They need to be with their mother. Let them be. This is Radio Nepal. Now the headlines by Han’ Sharan Lamichhane. Government set to declare state of emergency from today. His Majesty’s government has mobilised the Royal Nepal Army against the Maoist forces. You’ve already proved that. Online Radio Australia you care about your parent’s reputation. Stop ruining your future. Go in..go inside. She’s waiting for you. Go on.. “I’m obsessed aboutmaking you mine.” Karan sir, am I disturbing you? Speak! I haven’t received my packet yet. I’ve already paid you in full. Look sir, crime and alcohol become invaluable as they grow old. Don’t they? It was a big mistake. Online Radio Australia to think that a cunning basm like you would be loyal. Loyal as a dog sir.. Have I ever given you a chance to complain? You won’t anymore. I am going to settle your account once and for all. I hope you mean that, sir. And you’re not furious with me. Bloody *** “..come closer and..” Who..who are you? Who are you? I think we’re hacked. Cheap death by expensive petrol. A chilling death which may make your soul shiver. How and when this happened? This murder of a police officer. Online Radio Australia seems entangled like a thread. A murder as gruesome as most foul. Probably one of the saddest in the history of crime. And we’ve news that Global Time Network CEO Mr. Rahul Oberoi.. “The media mogul. Has been asked for questioning. Death on rampage. Grimm Reapers have a ball. Is Rahul Oberoi the mastermind behind all this? Yes..the same Rahul Oberoi who owns Global Times Network. Sir..sir.. ACP Sarnaik was murdered on channel, What do you have to say about it, sir? Who dared to summon me here like a ordinary criminal? Do you guys have any idea who I am? Your minister’s on my payroll. Well sir, who is on whose payroll.. Online Radio Australia that’s strictly between you two. That’s strictly personal. We’re just doing our job. I am Rahul Oberoi. The CEO of Global Times Network! India’s most powerful..media house. Big fan. Big fan! I am Kabir Deshmukh. A humble servant of India’s strongest and most effective Police force. Mumbai Police. How dare you call me here? Every minute of mine is worth millions. You should respect time, not put a pricetag on it. Sir, I’ve done some research. Correct me if I am wrong. Your ratings were falling..profits were falling. You were losing credibility in the market. And then..this cheap stunt. Live Murder on Television! Was it your idea? Absolutely right. Congratulations. You just solved the entire case. Must be my idea. I pay millions in salary to creative directors, editors and program heads. Online Radio Australia so that they give me such outofthebox ideas.. Online Radio Australia and the ratings of my TV channel soar. And then I throw a grand party..in Tihar Jail. Actually sir, if you do go to jail.. Online Radio Australia you’ll be sent to Yerwada jail. Next question. If not you.. “Then who? We were hacked. How do you know? We’ve done our research, officer. You can talk to my technical head Mak. He’s in Delhi right now. But he’s arriving by the evening flight. Sir..let’s take this stepbystep. Let’s deal with you first. I’ve an entire question paper prepared for you. Officer, stay within your limits. Don’t cross your limit. Limit? We just saw your limit live on your Television channel. But you haven’t seen our limit yet. Pray to God that you’re as innocent as you claim to be. Gaitonde. Yes, sir. Set the AC to ..he’s sweating. Right? Now, as the proceedings continue, all we know.. Online Radio Australia is that Rahul Oberoi is still being questioned inside. And we all are clueless. So sir, you have no clue. You didn’t know ACP Sarnaik as well. You don’t suspect any of your rival channels either. You’re just a honest taxpaying citizen. You don’t know how your systems were hacked either. Mak does. Basically you have no clue. Sir, if this continues any longer, we can come to only one conclusion. Either you are..or someone’s making you look like one big.. You’re too underqualified.. Online Radio Australia to judge who or what I am, officer. Sir, you see..my qualification is that. Online Radio Australia I can use my service revolver on whoever..and whenever I want. “With no questions asked. You know what, you’re wasting my time. An entire life got wasted on Global Times Network. An ACP has been murdered. You will have to give us time. Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you. You must deposit your pRadio Onlineport with us and.. “This is my number, save it. And please, don’t forward any cheap jokes. Leave. Where the hell is Siya. Call her. Okay, sir. Good morning, ma’am. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, ma’am. Hi. “And the Mumbai Police has accused.” “..Global Times Network’s CEO Rahul Oberoi for this murder..” I am a national scene now. All these years I lead the news business..

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