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do that! Listen, I got a plan. Well, execute the goddamn plan! Here we go! He’s making another right. Everybody hold on! ! He went left! Ye ! I’m Ben Barber, ! AUTOMATED VOICE: Game over. Get your ass out. Come on, dude! Ow! Let me go. You guys are nuts. Where the hell are we? Safe house. We staying here till we find out who we can trust. Really, fellas? BEN: Whose house is this? MAYA: Alonso’s. My explosives guy. He’s out on a case. Who the hell is she? I’m Miami homicide. James, if you give me to the cops, I will be hanging from a bedsheet. You think I give a damn, AJ? Now, who did you steal from, and who’s shooting at us? I ain’t telling you . Is that right? Pope! Antonio Pope! A-N-T-O-N-I-O game MAYA: Antonio Pope? That’s bull. AJ: It’s not bull, all right? Everyone thinks Pope is this legit businessman, but he’s so not. He is a huge criminal, into everything. Drugs, guns game So Troy must be his Atlanta boy. Yes! That’s a big operation. Catching Pope would get us Troy for sure. To sum up, I’m his cyber dark arts guy. I hack into his competition, I install his systems. I launder his money. You just admitted to about four or five crimes right there. No, it’s Fifth Amendment. A couple of days ago, I may have taken some money from his account and put it into mine. BEN: You “may have”? MAYA: What? I didn’t think he’d notice. Apparently, he did. Maya, what the hell is that game Stop right there! Drop your gun, man! You put it down! Drop it! MAYA: Hold on! SCREAMING AJ, stop screaming! I’ll shoot your face! This is Alonso, my explosives guy. I don’t give a damn! Put it down, now! Alonso, holster your weapon. They’re cops. JAMES: Don’t do it, man. You better drop it! Put your gun away. JAMES: Put it down, Castro! Drop it! It’s down, okay? You put it down. Ben, we’re good. BEN: All right. GRUNTS MAYA: What the hell? Again? You’ve done this before? I don’t know what to tell you, James! AJ WAILING Okay, I’m on edge. We’re cop killers. My nerves is bad, man! I told you to focus! You think I meant to do it! I thought he shot. You didn’t shoot, so I shot! GASPING Oh, my God! He a zombie! Head shot! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! GUNSHOT It’s a vest! Idiots. It’s a vest. That’s why I need a vest, James. Accidents like this. Who are these two fools, and what are they doing in my house? They’re the officers from Atlanta. It was their car that exploded. Hey, man. I’m Ben Barber. I apologize. Hey, man. Callate la boca- What? Or I reach into your chest and snatch out your midget heart. Okay, I came over here to apologize. You shot me. Well, I take it back. Take the sorry with you and leave! Fine! Can we just stay focused? Did you find anything out? The explosive from the car and the detonator, both rare. Eastern-European, actually. It’s freaking Pope! Can you stop with that! Hold on, Maya. He could be telling the truth. It would take someone with serious reach to locate that kind of untraceable device. You’re gonna help me get some hard evidence on him. Pope ain’t gonna stop shooting at your ass, so we the only choice you got. You set up his computer, right? So, can you get us into it? Someone would need to get to his home computer, and download the shipping manifests. Well, Pope’s having a party at his mansion tonight. Security’s gonna be tight. There’s gonna be a lot of foreign dignitaries there. No problem. We’re gonna get in there undetected, he’s gonna let us know where the computer is, and he gonna talk us through. How do we get in undetected? Name? IN GRUFF VOICE My name. My name. Prince Admiral Steven Matumbe. Nigerian Consul. Plus two. My two servants. I don’t have you on the list. Then check the VIP list. And do not look me in my eye. Don’t look at me. You look at the pad, you read the names. And you look at me, and you close your eyes. Look at me. Don’t look at me. Look at me! That was a test. You failed. You aren’t on it. All right, stall him, guys. AJ’s on it. GUARD: Step aside, por favor. Wait! This is all your fault. You know I do what lam supposed to do. I clothe you, I feed you, and yet your incompetence furiates me. Sir. I’m your bodyguard, not your servant. GRUNTS You are what I say you are! Oh, God. Sorry, sir. You got a fly on your face. Ooh. Traditional. A sign of respect. AJ: Okay, try it now. Check the list one more time. CHUCKLES LIGHTLY There it is. Sorry about that. Head right in. I will go. No, no, no! BEN: Release me! This way. Where are we? I cannot feel my face. And you’re welcome. MUSIC PLAYING Hello. Remember, we’re on the defense. AJ is on the earpiece. All you gotta do is download the file. You trust him to do this? Of course not. Do we have a choice? First of all, Ben can hear you. Oh, James, look at that! They got a Baccarat diamond dolphin. Ye , he probably got a Gucci toilet, too. Do I look like I care? Stay on point. Just walk. If he got a Gucci toilet, I’m sitting on it. There he is. AJ, can you hear us? AJ: Hey, is this a passed-app event? Because I’d love a wonton or two. It’s not racist if I say it. Where are we going? First, you have to get to the north hallway. It leads to the other wing of the house. I’m gonna create a distraction. You guys, act casual until you see an opening. What you doing? Put your hands down. I’m waving. Law enforcement is always welcome at my functions. So, Mr. Pope, do you dance? Do I dance? You’re in for a treat. LATIN DANCE-POP MUSIC PLAYING Are you dancing? Yes. Well, stop. Okay, it worked. Let’s get busy. He’s really good, though. I’m not sure game Let’s go. Okay, Ben, go up the first set of stairs. BEN: Roger that. And, proceed to the end of the hallway. All right, James, it’s stealth mode time. Do you even know what “stealth mode” mean? Yes, it’s from Assassin’s Creed. It means to be undetectable. The double doors to his office are on the left. BEN: Okay. Tell me when you’re there. All right, AJ, this must be it right here- It’s locked, AJ. Okay, you know what? Guest bathroom is down the hallway. We’ll get in from there. Okay. Let’s go, man. INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO Go, go, go. I got this. Hey, man. Did you see her?

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