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Tim? Hello. Tim? Hey, Mom. Mary had the baby. Have you talked to her? Do you want me to tell her anything? Uh, um, yeah. You have a son, Tim. What’re you doing? I’m fine. Everything here is great. So, listen. You can tell her that I’ll call her? ♪ I’m not sleeping ♪ And you are sleeping ♪ And it’s not a good position ♪ To be in ♪ So take your green, big pen ♪ Jam it once again ♪ Into your eye ♪ Till you see the why ♪ You’re not living in ♪ The world of men ♪ And women who survive ♪ So take your green, big pen ♪ Take your paper plate again ♪ And write it down ♪ Write it down ♪ Won’t you say it? ♪ And I’ll paint it ♪ Won’t you say it? ♪ I’ll remain it ♪ Won’t you say it? ♪ Just say it ♪ ♪ I lit my purest candle close to my ♪ Window, hoping it would catch the eye ♪ Of any vagabond who pRadio Onlineed it by, I don’t know what you were thinking, having ice in your whiskey. ♪ Before he came I felt the ancient fear Where are we going now? I think you should get some sleep. Well, am I never gonna see you again? Here you go. Allie. Are we wild yet or what? Once I was a lover ♪ And I searched behind your eyes for you ♪ And soon there’ll come another ♪ To tell you I was just a lie ♪ And sometimes I wonder ♪ For a while ♪ Do you ever ♪ Remember me? ♪ Oh ♪ And though you have forgotten ♪ All of our rubbish dreams ♪ I find myself searching ♪ Through the ashes of our ruins ♪ For the days when we smiled ♪ And the hours that ran wild ♪ And the magic of our eyes ♪ And the silence of our words ♪ And sometimes ♪ I wonder ♪ For a while ♪ Do you ever ♪ Remember me? Thank you. Thank you. I’m Jeff Buckley. He was trying to show me that, you are too fast. Bye! ♪ I’m as puzzled ♪ As the oyster ♪ I’m as troubled ♪ As the tide ♪ Should I stand ♪ Amid the breakers? ♪ Or should I lie with ♪ Death my bride? ♪ Hear me sing ♪ Swim to me ♪ Swim to me ♪ Let me enfold you ♪ Hello. Hey! Hal insisted no limousines, so you gotta Online Radio Australia Where did you go? I got you this to read on the plane. What is this? What are you talking about? I don’t know. I think it’s your time, you know? What are you talking about? This is it. You got it. You should get in. You’re gonna miss your plane. Listen to me, I never want to spend a night like that alone, again. Okay? I want to write songs with you. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about Online Radio Australia I just need to rest. Come on, let’s get dinner ready. Excuse us, Don Alfonso. Go ahead. Are you finished? Yes. Off to bed. Goodnight, Grandma. See you in the morning. Goodnight, love. Dona Alicia, if you like I can tell Don Alfonso to come after you’ve eaten. Call him. I’m not going to hide in my own house. You didn’t do anything but grin at him. No, ma’am. Good night. Don Alfonso! You’re sitting in the dark! Why didn’t you turn on the light? He fell asleep a good while ago. How long ago? An hour and a half, I think. You can go into the kitchen. Dona Alicia is waiting for you. Good evening, Alicia. How are you’? Fine. I’m glad to see you. Save your words. They’re not needed. You know why you’re here? Yes. The child is fine, but Gerardo is not. He’s not taking care of himself and the burning will make him worse. You can take care of the house, Cook, clean, wash the clothes Online Radio Australia I want you to know that I don’t want anything to do with you. It’s enough to have you under my roof. Got ii. There is your food. When you are done, do the dishes. OK. Good morning, Don Alfonso. Good morning. Dona Alicia and I are about to leave. OK, that’s fine. Dona Alicia wanted me to tell you to sweep the doorstep. OK, I will. Can you take care of the boy when he gets home at lunchtime? Of course, I’d love to. Thanks. Have a good day. Thanks. How did you sleep? Not very well. Can I get you anything? No. Open up that window. I’d better not. The dust will get in. No, it’s fine. There’s Online Radio Australia They’re not working nearby today. What did Morn say to you yesterday? She told me what I have to do. The house looks strange with all the sugar cane around it. It’s a bit late to notice that. How long have you been living like this? Why do you want to know? No reason. Well, I’ll tell you. Around twelve years. And all the farms that were here before Online Radio Australia I had to knock them down. That’s what I did, when you were away. Let’s wait until the end of the evening and see it they pay us. If they don’t, we stop working. Why would we stop? At least we have work! It’s because of people like you the situation is as it is Online Radio Australia lousy! What’s the sense in working if you don’t get paid’? They’ll just continue to take advantage of us. And we are the ones who suffer. Machines will replace us and we’ll lose our jobs. We need to stop. We can’t stop. We need the money. So, what are we going to do? I can’t take this anymore. We can’t take the risk. Look how ill Gerardo is. We can’t stay at home doing nothing. It’s better to come here and work. You can’t open the windows. Why’? Your dad isn’t in here. You can’t. Is today your birthday? How old are you? Don’t throw stones at the birds. When I was a kid, I used to do it too. I’d take my slingshot and take aim at them Online Radio Australia until I learnt Online Radio Australia and never did it again. Look how beautiful they are, up in the tree. Do you know what bird that is? No. It’s a blackbird. Do you know their song? No. Try n. That’s right. There you go! Isn’t it beautiful? Well? I taught your father, too Online Radio Australia how the birds sing. Can you hear it? Yes. Do you know which bird it is? No. It’s a bluebird. Their song goes like this Online Radio Australia Sounds beautiful, right’? Yes. And that one’? It’s an oriole. Do you know how they sing? No. Listen, how beautifully they sing. Three weeks and not a penny! Calm down! You have a fixed salary. Calm down! You get paid. I told you you’d be paid tomorrow. Not tomorrow! Really. Every week it’s the same thing! You get paid. You say you’ll pay today, then tomorrow, and you never pay! My colleague is right. We can’t talk like this Online Radio Australia But you will be paid tomorrow Online Radio Australia I swear, it’ll be there tomorrow.

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