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Mom, she drove me the whole way here. [Mom] What? Millie how could you let that happen? Well you could have told me something earlier! [Mom] I’ve had quite a bit on my plate, missy. Someone walked out on her wedding and created a madhouse of heartbroken people and I can’t get my refund from Chef Souza. Okay okay okay. I’m sorry, okay. Okay, alright, thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that. pensive music I’m on the phone! I’m not really hungry, you’ll know when I am. Chicken breast and a salad, dressing on the side. Oh wait no you know what I want some Hey Mom? Yeah? Yeah, I’m here. How did you know that you and Dad couldn’t be together anymore? [Mom] Well I guess we just weren’t meant to be, honey. Thank you. [Mom] You’re welcome baby. Take care of yourself, okay? Promise? Yeah. Oh Mom. Yeah? What? Um do you think you might be able to go to our apartment and get my mail? Maybe send anything that looks important? Or just call, you know, whatever. Whatever’s easiest, I just I don’t really wanna ask Charlie. [Mom] Sure, of course I can sweetie. Thanks. [Mom] I love you. I love you. Bye. Bye. [Emma] Okay, I’m ready. You can’t wear that. Why? This is like my most popular shirt. Yeah you’re gonna have to change. light music sighs singing Is it better? Sure. Oh bye Macaroni. That’s a different chicken. They’re all Macaroni to me. That’s okay I got it, I’ll drive. Oh please, you’re in a weakened state. You’ve driven plenty. No really, I don’t mind. Don’t Don’t be a child, Emma. Look I didn’t want to say this. But Mom told me. Oh. That’s none of your business. What happened? You’re not an idiot, why would you drive drunk? It’s not what you think. You lied. And we had a bottle of vodka in the car, that’s really messed up Emma. I’m a good driver. That’s not the point. I know. You put yourself at risk. You really need to think about what you’re doing. I was thinking that I was taking care of you. I don’t need you to take care of me. Yeah clearly not. light music [Dolly] Carl, keep that bacon coming. text notifications dinging Yes, three bars, finally. Well. What can I get you ladies this morning? laughing Emma! Hi Dolly! Millie. Well I understand you’re a married lady now. It didn’t work out. Oh. You know what they say. They say breakfast makes anything better. laughing Amen. Amen. And y’all looking so pretty. Why wasn’t that long ago that you all were in here bouncing up and down on the tables. I know. Two Dolly specials and hot apple pie. That sounds nice. Absolutely. Absolutely? Absolutely. Coming right up ladies. Thanks Dolly. Emma, if Dolly knows that means the whole town is gonna know. You don’t know that. What? Marcy Swap and Shop. Mildren Haven seeks new groom. You’ve gotta be kidding me. gasps I am. Emma could you Could you please put that away? This is actually really hard for me. What? Everyone is staring at me. Nobody here gives a hoot about you. Wow thanks. Tough love, baby dove. Should I call Charlie? What? Just you know check in. No, no! You don’t leave a man at the alter and then grovel at his feet. Woman up, Millie.

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