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Oh believe me, this place is as clean as it gets. I’m only working here for the summer. Uh huh. I’m saving up for med school. Stay with my uncle over in Marcy. That’s great. Do you know it? Yep actually my grandma lives there, oh my god. Oh no way! You guys close? Yes, we’re close. moaning So do you wanna go see a play this weekend? The community theater’s putting up A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the park. Maybe we could take a picnic. Um actually my sister’s You know what, I kinda thought that this was gonna be like a quick fun thing so I should What? Yeah, I should I should go. Oh wait, wait. Just let it be whatever it wants to be. I was about to make some very bad decisions. Um yeah I was just I had to pee. Oh that is a great idea. Here would you? I’m gonna go do that. Oh no no no no no no. I have no cash. Yeah so. You brought vodka and a voodoo doll. I know. But you didn’t think to bring money. Ah, stupid, so dumb but you know could you just, do you mind just getting this round? My purse is in the car. You know what? Oh my gosh! I just remembered. I have cash. I just spaced I guess. Okay. Weirdo. Thank you. Do you mind getting the gas? It’s on number two. Oh sure yeah. You know what? Get something for yourself because it’s your money. laughing Classic. Ready to go? Yeah yeah all set. What’s up with you? Hmm? What? Nothing. It’s so hot huh? Mm hmm. banging Albert. He just needs a little coaxing. Oh no, he just needed a new condenser. Oh please, condenser schmendenser. That’s what he needs. light music What? Nothing. Oh my god! You are gonna get us killed. laughing Oh man. What? What is so funny? Nothing, you’re just like a testosterone magnet. Whatever. No really, you should teach a class. It’s a skill. Oh please, shove it. I might actually just need your help with number five. Do something hot and wrong? Yep. Oh I got you. light music chickens clucking [Millie] I really remember it being bigger. You are so weird. Oh I don’t want the neighbors to hear us. That is ridiculous. Any neighbor is like a mile away. You’re being really rude. I’m not the one whisper yelling. Whatever, just be quiet. chicken squawks Ah, oh god! laughing Who’s loud now? Hi Macaroni. Do you remember me? It’s a chicken, it’s not gonna remember you. You don’t know that. We were very close, Macaroni and I. There are wolves here. Or coyotes or something. When does Grandma get back anyway? Oh she won’t be here for like three days. Grandma’s really gotten into ceramics, huh? Yeah and cats. I am really tired, you wanna just go to bed? That is a great idea. Oh! What seriously? Finders keepers. What are we, six? I was just jilted at my wedding. Ooh, I think that you were the one who did the jilting. Oh I swear to god. If you’re so picky just go sleep in Grandma’s room. No, I won’t. Why not? Because I don’t wanna be alone. God. Oh my god. It is so hot! I think the air conditioning broke. Sweat out those toxins! [Charlie] Hey baby, I’d really love to talk to you. You know I never got to see you in your dress? I tried to cancel our trip with the airlines,

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