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is not fair! It’s not fair? Well, welcome to the real world, AJ. I’m sorry, but it’s not fair here. You know why? It’s a world where your feelings can get hurt. It’s a world where a guy can get married and not be thrown a bachelor party. That’s the world we game You getting married? Yes. Thank you. Congratulations. This guy here is about to be my brother, in law. My brother-in-law. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Your partner is marrying your sister? JAMES: He’s not my partner. That’s gotta be weird. It’s not weird at all. It’s actually magical. Brings us closer together. Ben. BEN: What? Stay focused. What makes you think I’m not focused? AJ: Let me ask you a question. Go ead. Your girl. His sister. BEN: Ye . AJ: Ls she hefty? I hope she’s not a twin, all bearded and grumpy. Oh. Oh, no, they don’t look alike. AJ: My whole point is, your partner marrying your sister has got to be tough on you. The part. Think about it. Your partner, boning game No, we don’t bone. We don’t game game your sister. Don’t game That’s not game No. Mmm. AJ, you better cool out. HIGH-PITCHED Me so horny. BRAKES SCREECHING Jeez! BEN: Been there. AJ: I think you broke my nose. That’s a lawsuit right there! You just made me a very rich man! Can’t spend no money in the pen. No. Or dead. What’s it gonna be? Okay, okay. I may have a master code key for emergencies. You “may”? Okay, I do have one, but it’s too dangerous to keep on me. I keep it in my man Stevie B’s safe. Where’s the safe? It’s at the club he owns. Tell you what, I get that for you, you can crack Troy’s computer, and we’re good. What do you think? Sound like a plan to me, James. DANCE MUSIC PLAYING Have you been watching this? What? Since we walked in, everybody he walk by, handshake or hug. Hey, Candi! Hi, sweetie. How are you? Fine. Usual table? Mmm-hmm. And, please, tell the guys that midnight is coming early tonight. Yes, sir. All right. CROWD WHOOPING CHUCKLES Oh, I know that look. “How come the nerd is with all the hotties?” Well, anyway, Stevie B’s gonna be here in an hour, tops. And you said you didn’t get a bachelor party. And we are in a club with ladies. And we are on official police business, so game You want to look like cops? Think about it. Maybe scare my guy off? BEN: Now, listen, James, I hate to agree with AJ, but he’s got a point. Loosen up a little bit. Ye ! Hoo! Hey, where you going? I’mma get some drinks, man. Chillax. BEN: What is your problem? If he wanna go and get us a couple of drinks, let him! He is working you like a rookie. And if you lose him, it’s your fault. Stop it. You don’t think I know that? Here’s the play, James. We sit here until his friend gets here. We act as if this is a bachelor party. Let him get loose, get the information we need, and then we leave. Key word is “act!” That’s what you’re doing? I’m acting! It’s my bachelor party! ALL CHEERING CLUB MUSIC PLAYING ALL CHEERING I got you! I got him! One more time! CROWD: One more time! One more time! Oh! Oh, wait a minute. What’s happening, Black Hammer? Assface! Hey! What? What are you doing? I’m Skyping in the rest of the bachelor party, James! Get off the table! WHISPERS I’m acting. Ben, I want you to meet my new lady friends. They love to get loose and party, but they are not prostitutes. It’s his bachelor party. Let it rip. No, that’s too much, ladies. Hands off. Hey, Ben, take a photo for me. BEN: Okay. One, two game I can’t breathe no more. I can’t breathe no more. CAMERA CLICKING I got it. Go ead. Ang is such a strong woman. And I don’t wanna give her anything that’s girly or ratchet. Nobody’s information is safe, unless AJ makes it safe. JAMES: AJ. Hey. Where is Stevie B? We need to find him! AJ: You’re ruining my clothes. JAMES: I’m sick of waiting on you. We gotta toast the groom. Toast! ALL: CHANTING Toast! Toast! Toast! Toast! Toast! I mean, would it kill you to say something nice about me? You want a toast? Yes! All right, give me my water. Here! I’ve never gotten him to do anything like this. Come on. Let’s hear it! To my brother-in-law, Benjamin Barber. That’s me. He’s ‘”. Uh game Gonna marry my sister. Just graduated from the academy. You’re not doing anything, but stating facts. Give me something from the heart! JAMES: That’s all I got. We ain’t even here for this! Guys, do you know what time it is? MAN: ON SPEAKER It’s midnight! Midnight! Bachelor party! What? He’s gone! AJ: Excuse me, ladies! ! I’ll give the money back! I swear! WOMAN: Ow! MAN: Easy, dude! GUN COCKING WHIMPERING Gun! ALL SCREAMING Freeze! GUNSHOT Everybody down! Down! Get down! BEN: Get up, AJ! Get your ass up! James, why is it that every time I go to a club with you, I gotta get into some kind of trouble? It’s probably that jacket. He’s shooting a FN ., James! That gun is serious! I’mma push him back. Don’t go now. JAMES: Too many people! Told you not to go! Thirteen, . What are you counting? He’s out! BEN: Everybody, stay down! Stay down! AJ. What? He’s gone. Hey. There was no “code key” in the damn safe. AJ played us. You Okay? No. No, lam not. Let me ask you a serious question. Maybe you not cut out for this. That’s not a question. That’s a statement. You know what? You was having such a good time at your bachelor party, you wasn’t even ready. Okay, James, first of all, don’t act like I wanted to go to this club, and stand on tables, and party with a bunch of hot women. That didn’t come out right. So, I’m gonna start over. SIREN BLARING Oh, my God. Detective by day, hottie by night. What the hell’s going on? Well, I’ll tell you what’s not going on, a Pilates class. I dunno what you’re dressed for, but it’s stupid. What happened? One shooter. Obviously a professional. Went right after AJ. Who the hell is AJ? AJ’s the hacker that we came out here to question. Now, your guys think it’s gang related. I say that’s bull. Because you’re an expert on local gangs? No, I’m an expert on bull. Well, expert, how’d he get the gun in? Gun was ceramic. Or plastic. I saw it. It was a FN .. It’s undetectable. It’s a downloadable super pack in my video game. Let me tell you something, you get that pack, game over! Okay game That’s how he got the gun in. The case I’m working on right now, shooter got a gun inside of a secured area. And get this, the threads on the bullet matched the casings of an FN .. Same M.O. Could be the same shooter. Who was shot? Port Commissioner. Could be connected. Could be connected. Ugh. It’s like watching rams mate. Why would somebody hire a professional hitman to take out a computer guy for a mid-level Atlanta dealer? Because he’s annoying. If that was the case, you’d be dead a long time ago. I’m just spit-balling. Fact is, he wouldn’t. So, the guy who hit the Port Commissioner is the same guy who tried to hit your hacker. Maybe he’s involved with something bigger. You know what? She should be your “plus one” for the wedding. You know what? You should get in the car. I need to get somebody for you. You need to get in the car. You wanna just have an empty plate there game I’m getting in the car. I’m not gonna keep doing this with you. There’s so much disrespect. I mean,

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