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How can I think of ? Then why’d you sign the new contract? You don’t have to work. I make enough money for both of us. Well, you’ve got your new deal, and I’ve got my sanity back. With that little whore? That little whore makes me feel nine feet tall. Honey, please don’t. I need you. You’re damn right, you do, Neely. But not as a man. You can go to hell. Go to hell, you bastard! I tried to wake her, Mr. Burke, but she just wouldn’t budge. All right. Thank you. Neely. Neely! Neely, wake up. Come on, wake up! You were due on the set three hours ago. What set? Why didn’t you show up? I couldn’t, Lyon. I had a rotten night. I wanna tell you something, and you’re not gonna like it. Stop yelling at me. They’re replacing you in the picture. They can’t do that. Well, it so happens they can. Lyon, my last picture grossed a fortune, and it hasn’t even played Europe yet. But it cost more than it grossed, and the reason was you. Now, on this one, you’ve been out six days because of sleeping pills. You’ve been late on the set, and you walked out in the middle of the day. To top it all, you’ve been boozing and eating all through the picture! I’m still the biggest box office draw there is. Come on, Neely. Get some sense in your head. Stockholders are only interested in one thing Radio profits. Well, they’re gonna replace you with a younger girl. Younger? Lyon, I’m ! That’s right. And you look . Look at that face. It’s all puffy. Your eyes are bloodshot. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, Neely. But I can’t just stand by and watch a talent like yours go down the drain. You’re my agent. You’re supposed to take care of me. I’m trying to. But you’ve got to cooperate with me. What do you want me to do? I want you to go to a sanitarium Radio and dry out. A sanitarium? I’m sorry. It’s the only solution. Look, honey, you have to beat this thing. You just have to beat it. All right. All right. If you want me to go, I’ll go. Good. Now, Anne and I will come by and pick you up about :. United Airlines? What time is your next flight to San Francisco? Yes, one. O’Hara. Hey, have a drink. With all you have in store But if you can’t Then brace yourself What do you say, baby? What do you say? What do you mean, “baby”? I’m Neely O’Hara, pal. That’s me singin’ on that jukebox. What are you, kidding? Listen. That dame’s great. You can ignore Now, you sound like a frog. Like a frog! Take it easy! She’s stoned! Who’s stoned? I’m merely traveling incognito. Well, get out of here, will ya? Go on. Get out of here. No problem here. What did you say to her? Come on. I’ll buy a round. Come on, bartender. Set ’em up for everybody. Jennifer, shame on you. Hey, you still got that mole on your keister? Nope. They covered it up with makeup. Boobies, boobies, boobies. Nothing but boobies. Who needs ’em? I did great without ’em. Who the hell are you? Who are you? Neely. Neely? How do you feel, honey? Fine. It’s a hospital. Lyon, what am I doing in a hospital? You took an overdose of pills. God. Did it get in the papers? Lyon told them it was accidental. Well, it was! It was, honest. I know. But the next time, you might not be so lucky. What am I gonna do? Anne and I want you to go to a sanitarium in Los Angeles. A nuthouse. No. It’s the same place that Tony is in. Anne, I’m not nutty. I am just hooked on dolls! It’s not a nuthouse. They say getting off them is worse than booze or dope! Lyon, I’m scared. I’ve forgotten how to sleep without dolls. I can’t get through a day without a doll. Please, Lyon. Don’t send me there. I need a doll! Lyon, don’t leave me here! Give me a doll. Just one! Lyon! Gauche. Merci. Merci. Well, this is by far the best we’ve made. Fox would like to release the film in the United States. They have also offered to buy your contract. Does that mean I can go home? Well, I’m not sure I wish to sell. Claude, you’ll make lots of money. True, but, you will get half. I just want to go back to America and see Tony. What use is a man who is no longer a man? A vegetable. Claude, please. Stop it! I’ve hated this. You can find yourself another girl. Yes, I can Radio young girl, a real actress. For what will you settle? Settle? I want my half! Then I will not sell. All right. I’ll settle for a third. Anything. Just let me go home. Anything? Well, perhaps we can make some arrangement? We’ll talk about it later Radio at, the apartment. I cursed you out at first. Then I realized you did the right thing. It was the only thing. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t sleep that night. You should’ve taken a doll. No. I’m really very grateful. Nobody else gave a damn. That’s not true. There was a flood of letters and telegrams from all over the world. We saved them for you. Thanks. At first, it was awful. Like living in a zoo. They stuck me in this cheesy little bedroom, and this big, ugly nurse with orthopedic shoes never left my side. I asked for a cigarette. Give me a cigarette. Two a day during social hour. I told her I had no intention of socializing with kooks. I couldn’t sleep. I needed a pill. I started screaming. I figured they’d give me something to calm me. They sure did. Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go! They ordered me to take off my nightgown. I told them to drop dead. They took it off for me. No! Then they stuck me in this big tub and hooked a canvas around me. And this young nurse sat there and wrote down everything I said. I used words that sure aren’t in medical books. Ya stupid-ass nurse! What are ya looking at? Actually, the water felt great. It kept coming in and going out. I wanted to lie back and relax, but that was what they wanted. I spotted this small hole in the canvas, and I started working at it with my big toe. Pretty soon, I got half my foot through it, then I yanked my knee up to my chest. God! The nurse sounded the alarm. In the afternoon, we had recreation hour. You never saw such a bunch of well-bred kooks. They all acted as normal as apple pie. I started playing checkers with this real cute-looking little girl. All of a sudden, she leans over and gets a half-nelson on my hair and accuses me of telling the rest of the inmates that she’s a latent homoual. You won’t believe what happened next. Once a week, we have a dance. It’s really camp. I knew Tony was here. He was under an assumed name, but I’d never seen him. Until one night Radio Do you know a song called “Come Live With Me”? Yes, I do. Would you play it, please? Surely. Come live with me And be my love If only for a day Come live with me And see my love How fast it fades TONY: How fast it fades Away Away Love is a flower that lives for an hour Then withers and dies Where is the prize? Forgive me if I deride love But, darling, I tried love And so I say Come live with me Come live with me For just a while Who cares if love Is long? If love is brief As a song? Darling, I never would want you forever To stay But, darling, if you could love me Come live with me Just for Today Tony? Tony. Tony! When I saw that poor guy being led back to his cell, I knew I was gonna make it. You have made it, Neely, and we’re proud of you. Now, for business Radio How would you like to do a Broadway musical

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