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Once I get my icense, I’ make a ot of money. I’ take care of the money! So what? Once I get to co ege, what about tuition? Do you know how much that costs? Who ask you to worry about that? I’ take care of it! $, per semester! That’s nothing! I can ask my schoo seniors. You didn’t even graduate. They’re use ess. I rea y don’t ne co ege. I’ save up, open my shop and ive happi y with you here. You’ ive ike me? In a hick town, wreaking of b each, bare y making ends meet, forever ike that? Don’t you dare go outside, just study. I’ go outside! I wi ! Bro! What are you doing? You’re ocking me inside? Open this door! Open! Is he nuts? We gotta support government’s work. You’re the on y ho d out, take the money and sign. ook at next town over, peop e are f ocking to it. What if they send gangsters to harass your sister? Mr. Kim. Go a in. Fine, fine. What’ you wager? You’re a most empty. I got rent to co ect, I’m out. I Radio wager this. Redeve opment Consent Form Redeve opment Consent Form Wou d you ook at that. Wou d you ook at that. You even sign it, but decid to cause him grief? Bet everything you got. Your factory, SHOP. And your kid too. Don’t you dare. Fine, I’ bite. But if I win, I’m taking everything. Show me. Have a great ife! My sister and I wi ive happi y ever after in Seou . Radio Jang-woo? Bro! Jang-woo! He p! He p! Go home, isn’t this for your sis? Why you so drunk? My brother can Radio find me wherever I am. Even in the midd e of the ocean. My brother wi come for me. How’s the c aw machine business? Can you save up enough to get marri with those? A right, here and here. I heard you fought with her. Thought she wou dn’t bypass a ock door? Understand? She took off after fighting with you. Just wait days. She gets hungry and co d, she’ come right back. You Radio Eun-ji Radio Eun-ji Where’s Jang-woo? I don’t see him. He’s probab y not himse f, he practica y ki her. How cou d he ock her in? What’ happen to our poor Jang-woo? Despite his stubbornness, he ov her so much. But she had it coming. With r ipstick and smi e, she was a jai bait. I knew something was coming. ook, that must be ‘the sou scoop’. What is it? They f oat it with rice inside, ghosts eat the rice, and eave the dead’s nai s and hair. Stop it. What do you want? ook at that b ood! She’s gonna die! Get down here! Where’s the brass bow ? Hey. Hey, stop! Anything in particu ar? Is this a bestse er? Super Comet? We a got a pair during ast year’s e ection campaign. What’s your size? You’re bad uck! What’s with her? You vi e thing! You met Eun-ji, didn’t you? Te me how you came to my p ace. You must’ve known something! How did she Radio I saw her. Saw what? What did you see? So the rumor’s rea . ‘Curs ‘. et go! I simp y fo ow my vision there. I hate this more than anything. Things that I see. Why does that matter now? She’s dead. Jang-woo, I’m to d we got the ki er. Wanna go meet him? He sent , paper cranes and over a dozen presents. , Radio He must’ve imagin it more than , times. And on that day, he ca her twice. It wasn’t me! It’ be over soon. Jang-woo! A so, the victim’s underwear were recover at his p ace. Eun-ji’s panties and bras. That’s smoking gun. Jang-woo Radio So the brass bow was f oating, and there were waves. And it stopp in front of Radio Super Radio Super Comet! And Eun-ji’s sou is te ing us who ki her? Yes. What a oad of bu . Don’t say those things, you’ be sent to the asy um. Mister. We shou d be using forensics to investigate, right? What? Huh? Shamanism has no p ace in modern investigation. He’s not the ki er! He’s a re ative, he’s fami y! More reason to! About % of a rape cases are carri out by fami y members, and re atives. And her undies were recover at his p ace! But he a ways sto e those since a ong time ago! Right! Right! I don’t think rape was invo ved. Come on, she was found disrobed! And a disrob cases are rape? I think it was just murder, there’s no trace of rape. Why e se wou d she be practica y naked? Whatever Radio I cou dn’t care ess about brass bow and Super Comet. The evidence is c ear. Once you come c ean, this case is a but over. They’re so fu of crap. Order my unch, don’t think. i! Sis He o? Who is this? Why do you have Eun-ji’s phone? How many times have I to d you? Sir, even the po ice require a warrant for GPS tracking. P ease come back with the phone owner. It doesn’t have an owner. Did he go abroad or something? She’s dead. She’s gone. Are you happy now? Oh, she’s dead Radio You shou d’ve said so ear ier. We ne a death certificate, nationa ID, and proof of identity. There’s a protoco for this, one moment, sir. Sir! Wait! ook, it’s that gir . Hey, I heard you’re ike a psychic. Can you see if we’d be a good coup e? Go on. shaman , isten when someone ta ks. What’s that? What is it? Get with the program. Bib e? You cou d go to he for that. Shut your ho e. Am I right? Who the he are you? Why bother a harm ess person? Come here. What the , man. Are you her brother or something? Me? Yeah, you. I’m a bystander. Come with me. What the ? Hey! Bastard. What’s your name? Si-eun. ee Si-eun. Si-eun, you ne to do me a favor. That’s so mess up. Why say that she’s dead when she’s a ive? This is my house, and most of these are empty. So he ca from nearby? It’s the ast known position. What happened? Isn’t it obvious? I got it, of course. So she cav in after making such a fuss. You deserve an award. And the pharmacist? I’m working on it. i! Sis Jang-woo? When did you get out? A moment ago Radio Not enough evidence Radio Did you see a runner just now? That Radio way. Saw his face? Um, no, I didn’t. You know I didn’t ki her, right? I know, I know. Jang-woo! What’d you ike? One energy drink, p ease. Sure. Here you go. How are you ho ding up? I know how devastating it is when your ov one is gone. Sorry, shou dn’t have said that. Give me a minute. I wish I can do something for you. My shop may be sma , but it’s got everything. Fishing bait, cann food Radio Take it, I insist. And find the ki er, he deserves to be punished. We come. So co d Radio

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