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Police have come. Sir, that’s a TV. They’ve taken away all our PCs. Come soon. Any leads? No. Apart from a few movies on torrents, he hasn’t uploaded anything else. Anagha, is there a movie called, Dawn of the bedsheets? I don’t watch Kannada movies. Tomato Pushpa, seed in the morning, ripe at night. This is why I don’t watch Kannada movies. It’s okay if you don’t watch any movies. There’s this movie called Gultoo, you should watch it. What? Come soon. Your photos, videos, voice notes . He’s mashed everything into a video, and uploaded it on torrents. But why should one upload this to torrents? I have no idea. ‘Sir’! Yes tell me Ramesh! Sir, we have brought the computers. Yes, get it inside. If we get it here, the entire office will be full. What are you saying Ramesh? Come show it to me. Oh God! So many computers? Yes Sir! For his peace of mind, he’s spoiling our peace of mind. Avinash! Avinash! Why do you always wait outside like a dog? Sit down I need to talk to you. If there’s a price for everything, Then you must have a price too. I’ll pay you the kind of money that you have never seen in your life. If you do what I say. What should I do? CH—A Tell this number to the person I tell you. What should I do after that? You don’t have to do anything after that, they will come running towards me. How do you know the account number? It’s okay if I just knew about the account. But I know that it has two thousand crores. Who are you? The cleanest politician in state, has hidden away, crores with him. Leave that, Come to the topic. Tell what do you want? A few years ago, An Italian, stole client details of Over a lakh and a half people from the Swiss bank. accounts belonged to Indians. He wanted finger prints of these people. Yours included. I don’t know what his profit in it is. But he offered me an exorbitant sum for these finger prints. If you want your fingerprints to not reach him, then you have to save me from this case. I have worn khadi to hide the blood on my hands. I haven’t started politics now . Politics has always been in my blood. I’ve tamed many people like you, and ruled the state for years. Nobody has a whiff of the things I’ve done. You’re trying to threaten me in my zone, especially when you’re in my police custody. I’ve made you come all the way, While I sat in your police custody, Sir! A bait attracts both, a small fish and a shark, People on the shore will never know what it is. If I kill you here, Then our police, and the Italian guy will never get any fingerprints. Sir, Sir! Your government will collapse, even if you kill me here today. Tomorrow midnight all the videos I’ve recorded, will go live on youtube. Media and press will receive a mail. That has all your black money and transaction details. I came to the custody after everything was planned. You don’t have much time. If I don’t get out by tomorrow . Your government will definitely collapse. You said he was being interrogated secretly. How will you produce him to court? How will you produce him before court? I’ll do something! I’ll do it. Take this, it has to become big news tomorrow.

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