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So, it’s five years later and, uh… The time is actually here, and he still wants to die. (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) (MOANS) Hi. Hi. Good morning. Where’d you get that? LIZ: A little store up there. I got one for Jeff, too, and a Coke for you. Oh, perfect. Thank you. I also found out we’re camping on private property. Well, we’re private people. Rise and shine, captain. We got swimming to do. The missus brought you some coffee. Really? Fantastic. Need to do six miles today, at least. You guys up for that? Considering all we have to do is sit in the boat drinking Mai Tais while you do the actual swimming, I’d say, yeah, I think we can swing it. I can’t believe we’re iust… We’re just gonna go along like this? What would you prefer we do? Stop the trip. Take him to a hospital. Get him committed or something. If we stop the trip and say, “No, we’re not going along with this,” what’s that going to accomplish? He wants to kill himself, he’ll find a way. Maybe sooner rather than later. PAUL: You guys talking about me? Yeah. JEFF: Yeah. Please don’t. JEFF: Okay. We’ll chat about the weather instead. PAUL: Pretty nice day, huh? JEFF: Yeah. How’s the water? PAUL: Not as bad as yesterday. JEFF: Ah! Probably getting used to it. PAUL: Probably. JEFF: Water’s always freezing when you first get in. PAUL: Ain’t that the truth. Well, keep on trucking. Will do, buddy. (SOFTLY) I don’t know what the hell to do, okay? I don’t know what to do. If he kills himself, maybe he’ll give me his television. It’s got a huge screen. MAN : What’s he swimming for? JEFF: Just for fun. MAN : Don’t know how clean the water is. MAN : There’s a freshwater lake a few miles inland. JEFF: I don’t think pollution’s a top priority of his. Let’s get some hot dogs. JEFF: Damn it! All right. Put that around there. We’re looking for hot dogs. I don’t have any. Fair enough. Anybody know where we can get something to eat? Town’s about a quarter-mile down the road. Perry’s has hot dogs. No, they don’t. Yeah, they do. They’re iust not on the menu. Yeah, you have to ask for ’em. MAN : Bullshit! MAN : It’s true. You just have to ask for ’em. Who told you that? Nobody told me. I just know. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Knock some heads together, if we have to. Mmm-hmm. Will you keep an eye on her for me? PAUL: Mmm! Mmm! I saw this thing on TV once, a special about the death penalty, and they were talking about prisoners’ last meals, and this… This chaplain was saying in his years at Sing Sing, never once did he actually see a prisoner eat his last meal. They always ended up giving it to the other prisoners. We’ll be passing Sing Sing. I know. That’s why I mentioned it. Why did you mention it? Well, how can you be eating so happily if you know you’re going to die soon? Well, A, this isn’t my last meal, B, I’m hungry, and C, I love food. LIZ: Okay. Good. You love food. That… Isn’t that one reason not to kill yourself, right there? I mean, not to mention the millions of other reasons. I mean, you were like a little kid when we got those donuts on the drive up. I’m sure they’ll have donuts in heaven. What? I’m sure they’ll have donuts in heaven. They have donuts in heaven. Right. I mean, if one believes in the concept of heaven as a paradise, not really a stretch to believe they have donuts there. PAUL: Right. Well, A, even if they do have donuts in heaven, and I can’t believe I’m actually discussing these issues seriously, what about B, which is the fact that most people don’t believe suicides go to heaven, they go to hell? I don’t believe in hell, or that suicides would necessarily end up there. I’m not saying I believe that either but I’m certainly not sure there’s a heaven. Me neither. Yet you’re sure there’s donuts there, if it does exist? PAUL: Willing to find out. Paul, you’ve got to get some therapy. You can’t just… I tried therapy, Liz. All kinds. Groups, Prozac, Zoloft. I tried praying and then one day I just stopped. Why? Because Amy and the baby were still dead. LIZ: Okay. I understand that. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to go on, somehow. Lots of people have suffered terrible tragedies and horrific losses and continued with their lives. They found a way to go on. Not all of them. Some of them killed themselves. But most do go on, Paul. They find a way. Maybe they were stronger than me, but it was their choice to go on and not someone else’s. I’m sorry, but, like, grief or despair or whatever is iust not a good reason to kill… To commit suicide. It’s just not. Not a good enough reason for you, you mean. It’s not a good enough reason for anyone! It’s selfish to kill yourself. It’s a hostile act. I don’t have any siblings, my parents are dead, my wife and child are dead, so why can’t I join my family? What about Jeff? What about your other friends? PAUL: Why should I be forced to stay alive for them? I wouldn’t stop Jeff from killing himself, if that’s truly what he wanted to do. You want to kill yourself, it’s your absolute right. Thanks. But who would drive the boat? Good point. Hang in there, buddy. Things will start looking up.

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