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If he becomes unmanageable, we’ll keep him under sedation. He probably won’t remember any of this tomorrow. Call me first thing in the morning. Good night. Good night. Jen? Maybe you’ll understand now why I’ve been the way I’ve been about money, for instance. I’ve just been putting aside every cent I could get my hands on. We’ll keep him at home as long as we can. What about you? Tony and I had different fathers. I know how you love him. I’m not blind. I thank you. Miriam, I’m pregnant. Look this way, Miss O’Hara! This way, Miss O’Hara. This way, please. What about Ted Casablanca? Miss O’Hara has nothing to say. What about Ted Casablanca? You heard me! No comment! Any marriage plans? What about your new film? I haven’t heard about that. Tony didn’t realize where we were taking him. The next day, Miriam had arranged a meeting with a quickie European movie producer. Monsieur Chardot, this is my sister-in-law. Monsieur Chardot is here from Paris. He’s out here looking for talent. Enchanté, mademoiselle. Mademoiselle Polar has shown me your photographie. I am interested in a young lady with your Radio your Radio How you say? Measurements. The general French girl is inclined to be flat in the bosom. I see. Just what kind of pictures do you make, Mr. Chardot? I make the art film. Yes, I’ve seen a few. They’re pretty raw. I mean, French subtitles over a bare bottom doesn’t necessarily make it art. Evil is only in the eye of the beholder, mademoiselle. My films are shown right here in your own country. Jennifer. You’ve posed undraped on the stage. That was before I married Tony. It’s up to you. Tony wouldn’t know the difference. Well, I would! I realized I had to give in, take the job. The sanitarium was very expensive. All right, Sheriff, you win. You ran my father out of town. Now you’re trying to run me out of town. Well, the Dernies don’t give up that easy. İt’s too hot! Cut! Stand by. Well, it’s too hot. It’s too damned hot! The cameraman’s frying me. Neely. Neely. Shut up! She’s full of sauce. It’s not booze. It’s pills. Send for her husband. Look, Neely. We’ve got to finish this take. Get lost. I’m through for the day. Get up off the floor. You’re making a spectacle of yourself! Zip up your dress. I can’t! You made it too tight! It’s bloat from all those pills and booze. I haven’t had a drink all day. It’s the heat. Nevertheless, you’re going out there and complete that scene. Just how long do you think you can get away with these antics? Come on! Give this to the hairdresser. Miss O’Hara will be ready in a moment. I want to see Mr. Burke. He not in, Miss O’Hara. He’s not in. He’s not in. That’s all I’ve heard at his office for three days. He’s ducking me. He’s giving me the treatment, just like all the others. Where’s Miss Welles? He is in San Francisco, Neely. Tell me something, Annie. How come the boss of a big agency spends three days in San Francisco with a lousy nightclub singer? He’s working overtime. Why doesn’t he look after my interest? I’m the one who pays the rent on this pad. You’re being obnoxious. I’m sorry. I want Lyon to talk to that director. He’s crucifying me. When’s he due back? I’m not sure. When a man says he won’t do a lousy scene, that’s called integrity. When a woman says it, she’s temperamental. They say I’m difficult. They say I’m drunk even when I’m not. Sure, I take dolls. I gotta get some sleep. I gotta get up at : in the morning and “sparkle, Neely, sparkle.” Neely, you know it’s bad to take liquor with those pills. They work faster. Here, Anne. With that guy of yours in San Francisco, you could use a few dolls. Here. No, thanks. Suit yourself. You should make him marry you, honey. Have you heard from Jennifer? Yeah. She called me about six months ago. You know what she asked me? She wanted to know where she could get an abortion. An abortion. How do you like that? She was the one who wanted all the kiddies and the vine-covered cottage. Then I heard she went to Paris to make art films. Art films. Nudies! That’s all they are. Nudies! Well, that’s her problem. She doesn’t care about me. Why should I care about her? Nobody cares about me. Neely, that’s not so. Nobody cares if I live or die, just so long as I write the checks, just so long as they get their cut of the action! Neely, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You’re a big star. You have everything. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I’m a big star. I am a big star. I tell myself that, Annie. But I don’t feel it. I don’t feel anything anymore. I haven’t slept with Ted in weeks. And that psychiatrist, Dr. Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell says that I am self-destructive. So what? What do I do about it? Well, to hell with him. To hell with all of ’em. Who needs ’em? Let ’em say what they please. Even the bad publicity helps when you get to be as big as I am. And, boy, am I getting the bad publicity. You’ve had enough of those. Now, try to calm down. Leave me alone! I can’t even remember anymore when somebody wasn’t nagging at me or pressuring me or beating me. Neely, you’re upset. Why don’t you lie down for a while? No. Not alone. Not anymore. I need a man to hold me. I need Mel. I mean, Ted. I’m going home, Annie. I’m going home to Ted right now. Thanks for listening. I really got a lot off my chest. Ted? Honey, it’s me. It’s not cold? You think she can hear us? Relax, baby. By this time, she’s so full of pills and booze, the San Francisco earthquake couldn’t rouse her. Having fun, kiddies? Don’t mind me. Go right ahead. I’ll watch. You’d better run, you little tramp. How dare you contaminate my pool? Here. Maybe this will disinfect it. All right, faggot. Start explaining. You need glasses, Neely. She’s hardly built like a boy. I could take that better. I’m sure you could. You know, you almost made me feel I was queer. You’re crazy! Am I? Yes, you are. You want me to fight your battles at the studio, take you to openings. As a man, you’re always too tired and too full of those damned dolls. You’ve got guts! I catch you red-handed with a naked broad in my pool, and you sermonize me! Not a sermon, Neely, just a few cold facts. Ted, you know how hard I work. When I come home, I’m exhausted.

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