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supplement with a renewed and reinvigorated supervision from me and from the entire administrative staff. Let there be no mistake about that. (Marcus, off) I wonder if everyone, after they die, remembers all the little details and decisions they made, all the reasons they ended up ending the exact way they did. That’s how I am– I remember, and replay those things, even if I can’t remember how long I’ve been remembering – maybe it’s been forever. And I speak to everyone – Ma, Pa, Olivia, everyone, even if they’ve been dead already a million years, but I keep speaking to them. Forever Games (soldier) Hey! distant shouting in foreign language groans knife sinking in flesh thud (Marcus, off) Can you hear me, Olivia? Can you hear me when I tell you that it’s okay, whatever it is, that it’s okay? Because someone did love you. At least I think that’s what it was. And you should know that. You should know, Olivia. You should know. (nurse) Mrs. Anderson? Olivia? Your pills. Some patients might be better, I’ll ask them to go home. Please enter. Thanks, thank you very much! He’s saved! It was delicious, with extra pieces. Really? Mr. Lee! Have you felt better now? Yes, why? His friend needs immediate treatment, could you let him have your bed? I’ll go prepare the medications, would you please make the bed neat? I’ll go prepare the emergency kit. You can bring him in. Thank you! Thank you! You’re welcomed. I’ll wait here. OK. Thanks. We’re overloaded today! Radio Hey. Who are you? Pardon? Are you deaf? Eh Radio it’s just Radio my friend is hurting. He bleeds Radio Where do you live? I’m kicked out because of you! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause that. I just hope for some medics to check on him! I’m sorry Radio Get lost! Get out! Stupid ass. Fool! That’s bad Really bad! Radio Summons the sorcerer. Shut up! You need the sorcerer.. F/, approaching Seoul Station When did you get up? What are you doing here? Wait, I’m almost done. You want to have fun? Do it with my photo. I’ve told you that I won’t do it! Not so loud! We’re in a public place! That’s annoying Radio Then go outside! I’m going to call the police! Hey! Hey! I’m fed up! What a bum! Hye-sun! Hey! Come out here, damn you! Coming! That’s embarrassing, what happened? You have found nothing better than to turn me into a whore? I’m serious Radio Then what? How to pay for the rent? We don’t even have enough to pay for the cyber-café site! About being a whore on the cyber-café site, I told you I would not do it again. So what? What? You like to sleep under the bridges? Go to the train station, ask the homeless and join them. They know how to keep you warm! You said you’re gonna get a part-time job, right? Even if I work the whole month, we still won’t make enough to pay the rent! Because you waste your time at the cyber-café. Hye-sun, just this month, OK? You always said “just this month”! You don’t have to sleep with them, just steal their money when they are taking the shower. And it’s in your pocket! Anyway, you better do

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