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You haven’t turned in any homework since you’ve been in this class, you’ve failed every test. You’re getting an F! An F for flunking, F for failure. F for forget it, you’ll reconsider. Maybe you think so, but that’s exactly the grade you’re getting. Have you forgot about our little get together that afternoon at High Point? No, I haven’t forgotten. I also haven’t forgotten that you haven’t had any time for me for the last six weeks. Anyway, I told you at the time that insofar, as your grade was concerned, that that wouldn’t have any effect on it. I meant it then, and I mean it now. You better think about it, Mr. Donaldson. I mean, you are a married man. So here it comes, huh? Well, I’m way ahead of you, Kim. Nobody knew we were out there together, and nobody saw me headed that direction. So please, don’t make a fool out of yourself and go to my wife. As Sherlock Holmes would say, Mr. Donaldson, you’ve left out one minor detail. That small detail happens to be the half moon birthmark on the cheek of your ass. I wonder how your wife would feel about me knowing about that, Mr. Donaldson. So I get an A. Right? You’ll have to excuse me, Mr. Donaldson. I’m headed for my second favorite class. Physics. I’m gonna pull an A in that class, too. So one cancels the other, as you see. The zeroes go on and on and cancel each other ad infinitum. You do see this, don’t you? Morris, would you explain this to the class? (bell ringing) Yes, Kim, may I answer a question for you? What I want to know is how I’m doing in this class. Well, you certainly ought to know how you’re doing. Not very well. It’s time you showed some concern. As of now, you’re failing. That’s what I thought. I don’t understand physics, Mr. Mooney. I just don’t understand it at all. Well, Kim, you have to study harder. You have to put your mind to what you’re doing. I need extra help, Mr. Mooney! Well, I could recommend some excellent books. No, I mean personal help. Couldn’t we get together after school? Well, I don’t think so Radio My time is limited. Do you know where High Point is? High Point? Well, yes, why? I’ll meet you there. It’s the perfect spot for a little special tutoring. You will be rewarded. Kim, that’s out of the question! Completely out of the question! I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. Mooney. She’s a piece of ! How could you have ever gone around with a piece of like that? She’s just trying to prove something, okay? Don’t let her bug you, huh? Come on, let’s go. She’s proving something, alright. She’s proving she’s a piece of ! Annette, will you forget about her already? Okay, but she’s still a piece of . Oh, those earrings! I nearly forgot! What earrings? Those earrings on sale, don’t you remember? I said I’d pick them up today. So what’s the big deal? We’ll pick them up on the way to the beach. I don’t have the money. I need dollars. Well, don’t look at me, baby. What I mean is I’ll have to get the money from Daddy. We’ll have to go by his office, but I’d better change first. Come on, get in. Hello, Mr. Mooney. I’m glad you could make it. Listen, asshole. Get that payment over here, and get it over here fast, you understand? Otherwise, you’re gonna be walking around in crutches the next couple of months. (door knocking) Yeah. Excuse me, Mr. Ingersol? Your daughter wants to see you. Annette’s here? Why don’t you bring her in? She’s with somebody. A kid, I don’t know who he is. He said his name is Kevin. Yeah, that’s her boyfriend. He’s alright, bring em in, bring em in. Hey! Hello, sweetheart! What a surprise! Hi, Daddy! Kevin, how are you? Been taking good care of my little girl? Trying to, sir. To what do I owe this unexpected visit? Daddy, I need dollars. Oh, you do? Yes, can I have it now? Well, may I ask what it’s for? For a pair of the most fabulous earrings you ever saw! They’re on sale, and I said I’d pick them up today. That seems like a pretty good investment. Let’s see, here’s a couple of big ones. And you can keep the change. But you gotta think of me every time you wear them! Oh, Daddy, you’re super! Thanks again! Bye, baby. Bye bye. Hey, Annette? We’re gonna get to the beach, don’t you think we’d better get rolling? Just a minute, Kevin! Well, what do you think? They look fabulous, don’t they? Yeah, they sure do. I meant the earrings! Fabulous is right. Come on, Kevin, we’ve got to get to the beach. Oh, let’s forget the beach. Thought you wanted to go surfing. Let’s make our own waves right here, huh? I don’t understand you. Don’t understand anything. You never seem to study anymore. Don’t you have any homework? I already did my homework. I had a field assignment. I don’t know, I just hope you graduate. Do you know how hard it is to get a good job these days? Don’t worry. I’ll get the diploma. Not that I really need it. In case you haven’t noticed, I already have a pretty good job. I gotta get to work. That’s another thing. That expensive new car, and those clothes. How do you afford them? What is it you do? How many times do I have to tell you? I’m doing relief work. Hi, Kim. Hi. Do I know you? No, but I know you. Oh? Let me explain. I know Tony.

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