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of course. Another subject that is also in my blood. I feel deeply also. You feel two subjects together? Yes, two. One is death. And the other? It’s love. Love. That is also the brother of death. Didn’t you ever thought about a deep relationship that exists between the two? I’ve heard in poetry. The poets almost never speak of love without speaking of death, and vice versa. This doesn’t obliges you to imitate them. If you don’t want me to continue Don’t be offended. I didn’t exactly told you to shut up. In this case, I’ll speak of love, really of love. If love really leads to death, to the sensation, the experience of death. Moreover, the same love also saves us from death. Really? Yes. I could make you feel that. Make me feel it? If you want And if you can. I can only, of course, if you want. I don’t understand. If you wanted, I could talk to you, instead of abstract love, About my love. No, not that. Why? I refuse to be your confidant. Also, talking with others as well, you betray the object of your love. And talk to the person you love is also betraying? Rather, it’s loyalty. Then talk to the woman you love, but to her, not me. Don’t you understand yet? Understood what? What? The way, for example, I look at you. Look at whom? Look at you, Noémia, you. Because I love you like I’ve nobody loved anyone. What a nonsense, Mauricio. It’s insane, yes, but I love you. It’s not madness, it’s absurd. Noémia, don’t be cruel. And you don’t be insane. But I love you. Don’t you know I’m not married? And you also know that I was married once? And also that I got divorced? That too. And don’t you know that currently I live with my ex-husband, that now is not my husband, but only the man I live with? I also know that. And do you think I live with him because I have to? I don’t have any obligation. If I live with him is because I want to. It can only be so, because I like him. If I like him, I cannot like you. It’s the end, but Vanda doesn’t want to see him, she says he should have died already. No, Daniel. Tell me what you have to say.

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