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could not accept the fact. .that for once in my life I had failed. I couldn’t. I couldn’t admit that failure. And what was that failure? Shortly thereafter, I. .I think I went back to the office. Andy was there. I saw Andy. Did you two speak? He did mention that. .that he, uh. .he and Mark were consulting with a lawyer. Well, as it turned out, he went to see Martin London. .much honored lawyer, retired. DIANA: He’s Mark’s father-in-law. Yes. DIANA: He’d invested a substantial amount of money with you, right? BERNIE: Well, more than some, less than others. Jesus Christ. million? billion, with a “B.” Jesus Christ. All right, I’m in Hartford. I’ll be there at : PM. You have to understand the money management business. .was operating from a small office. Yeah, the office is on a separate floor. The th floor. It’s always seemed successful. A ton of clients, I think. Hedge funds. I know he’d even turn people away sometimes. But all the trades. Yeah, the trades go through European counterparties. That’s why he has the London office. And then upstairs on the th floor is market making. Which is where we work. These are not my immediate concerns. But if he plans to spend the week. .distributing his ill-gotten gains. .amongst his relatives, .employees, his friends, .then this is not over. This is a crime in progress. So what are you saying? We have to turn him in? You don’t turn him in. You’re an accomplice. (PHONE RINGING) Yeah? Okay, it’s all fine. Yep. (PHONE BEEPS) RUTH: Who is it? BERNIE: The FBI is here. I know why you’re here. Well, we’re here to find out. .if there’s an innocent explanation. (DOOR CLOSES) There is no innocent explanation. Is there someplace we can talk, privately? In there. AGENT: He said he’d been operating a Ponzi scheme .since the s. He was so matter-of-fact about it. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t afraid. He was just very casual. Well, sir, he claims to have acted alone. Yes, sir. I’ll bring him in. (EXHALES) Hi, it’s Ruth. Are the boys there? They’re not there. He won’t be coming in today. Sir, you’re gonna have to remove your belt, .your shoelaces, your tie, .and any jewelry. BERNIE: This? AGENT: Yep. Credit card, cash, .anything in your pockets, sir. Turn around, please, sir. Hands behind your back. Palms together. (CUFF CLICKS) Put that stuff away. And call Ike Sorkin. (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (HORNS HONKING) (TIRES SCREECH) INVESTIGATOR: What happened on the night of December , ? PETER: My brother told me. .that his investment advisory business. .was a Ponzi scheme. And what was your reaction to hearing that Mr. Madoff. .was operating a Ponzi scheme? Well, I was in total shock. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) INVESTIGATOR: In your first interview with the government, .you stated that you idolized your brother. Is that correct? PETER: Yes, and that’s correct. INVESTIGATOR: Why did you idolize your brother? PETER: Well, because he was brilliant. Everywhere you go, people talked about Bernie. He was a true pioneer. Everyone in the industry, .including the highest-ranking officials at the SEC, .believed that my brother was

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