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I don’t know what you were saying, but you’re real chatterboxes! We’ve done it. We’ll go over there. It’s a beauty! Thanks, Catherine. I can feel a little tear. Perhaps even two. One each. Listen, should we promise to do this again in ten years? I don’t know if we’ll be able to. In ten years Online Radio Australia How old will we be? Should we say? We’ll be Online Radio Australia Stop, it hurts! I won’t be far off . Lothar’s always a bit coy, but he’ll be Online Radio Australia ! He’ll be . And Catherine will still be young and beautiful. How old will you be? . ? We never get enough kisses! Thanks, both of you. You’re the one who got us up here, though! It’s a better climber than you. Much better. It can even eat upsidedown. Below an overhang. It can climb and eat at the same time. I did all I could to save your life. To save your life, I had to give myself to the Nińo Ricardo, and now I do not deserve your love. I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to you, Francisco. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to kill you. I want you alive, even if I never see you again, I want you alive. Forgive me God, forgive me Francisco. In the afternoon, Ricardo and his overseer noticed the flight of a large flock of vultures, and saw a Negro hanging. His tooth had cut his lip. He was swollen, half rotten, and partially eaten by the vultures. This Negro was Francisco. For a long time, neither Mrs. Mendizábal nor Dorotea knew what had happened to Francisco, until eventually Ricardo wrote to inform them of his death. And the Mulata, broken by her sorrow, was slowly consumed by grief. Until after the pRadio Onlineing of a few years she died. In , at the literary salon of Domingo Del Monte, they celebrate the advent of the first antislavery novel written in Cuba. Its author, Anselmo SuarezRomero. Just as other young intellectual authors of his times, SuarezRomero takes refuge in the closed circle of the salon to manifest openly his feelings against slavery and the traffic of Negroes, and at the same time to propagate his ideas of social reform. Domingo Del Monte, a bourgeois intellectual at the head of this reform movement, an organizer of this literary salon, had suggested to SuarezRomero that he pen a novel that would expose the real conditions of the slaves. The work would be presented to the English commissioner, Richard Madden, who was in charge of investigating the violation of the AngloSpanish Treaty prohibiting the traffic of slaves in the Islands. Its objective: that he form a true criteria of slavery in Cuba, and showcase the horrors of the institution. The rejoicing at the reception of the novel is proof that it satisfies the intentions of those ideologues. But is it real, the view of the slave that the author offers us through his character, Francisco? We will see if this rejoicing was or was not justified. In the novel, “Francisco”, was there another Francisco that the author does not show us? THE OTHER FRANCISCO No sooner had Ricardo gotten up, (a goodlooking young man, (son of dońa Delores Mendizábal, an illustrious and wealthy lady from Havana) when he directed himself from his home to the mill, where their overseer was. And after greeting him, “Good morning,” he said “Listen, Mayoral Online Radio Australia ” Good morning, Nińo. Did the blood flow? Did it ever like the sea, like the sea. After each kiss of the spurs, he let out a groan. I told him he had to keep his own count, that they were , and then he started, “One, two, three,” and that if he made a mistake the party would begin again. And after lashings, he made a mistake and we started again. How many did he get? Well, just imagine the nigger got angry and refused to keep count. He bit the earth with his gross lips and he was spitting blood. By the time the count reached the that your lady mother had ordered, it had turned into , with all the shenanigans And then? Then? Well, after that a good scrubbing in the gashes with urine, salt, White lightning and tobacco. Scrub, scrub Online Radio Australia He was as quiet as a deer. Then I put him in irons and sent him to work the cane fields. But tell me, Nińo, what did he do? Did he get fresh with the Seńora? Did he get drunk? Did he run away? Did he steal? No, no, nothing like that, Mayoral. Imagine he knocked up Mama’s seamstress, knowing that she was the apple of my mother’s eye. A Negro that my mother rescued very young from the quarters, that she raised like a son well fed, well dressed. He even learned how to read and write. A Negro that never in his life had received a whipping. And look at you, what payment! Making pregnant a servant that was greatly esteemed. And then he asked for forgiveness. Well, but now he’s feeling the pinch. The lash that’s what the motherOnline Radio Australiaer deserves, Mayoral. The lash. Listen, Mayoral Online Radio Australia at the slightest fault that he commits, the lash. And if he does nothing, the lash anyway. But however, I don’t want you to kill him. I want him to suffer slowly. At a slow boil, do you understand me? What are you doing there, trying to help him? Put your back into it, put your back into it! Who do you think you are? You went to Havana and Online Radio Australiaed up! You went to Havana and Online Radio Australiaed up! Hey, but what’s happening here? What are you looking at? Where do you hurt? Your belly? Your side, your waist? Does anything hurt? Talk, talk. No, doctor, I lost my head at the farm. You fainted. That’s what happens when you get drunk. Open your mouth. I don’t drink, Nińo. Open your mouth, open wide. It’s true, you’re not drunk. You’re too strong to have fainted, and the lashings are healed. I know there, stick out your tongue. Your tongue! Your stomach is filthy, filthy. Maria, give an emetic to the seńorito, and a laxative tomorrow and the next day also. Among all the servants of Dońa Mendizábal, he shone for being loyal, a good worker and his lack of vice. That was Francisco. Taken from Africa when he was years old, it was easy for the lady to mold him to her wishes. There was in the house a Creole Mulata, daughter of the wetnurse to the child, Ricardo. Her name was Dorotea.

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