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If there’s anything I can do while you’re here, please let me know. You’re too late, Lyon. We saw them first. Thanks just the same. Not at all. Good-bye. Good-bye. Well, I think I’ll have a butterfly steak. Hi, Mel. The door was open. Jenny, how are you? İt’s good to see you. It’s lovely to see you. Sit down. Neely’s at the studio. I thought she had a few weeks off. Two weeks until she starts shooting. And wardrobe fittings, makeup tests, publicity stills, you know. You don’t suppose there’s a part for Tony in the picture, do you? You can ask her, Jen, but I wouldn’t count on it. She’ll be home any minute. She’s with Ted Casablanca, trying on new clothes. Only in Hollywood do women faint because some queer deigns to design their clothes. Maybe you could put in a good word for Tony. Me? She doesn’t listen to me. I’m the last person to ask her. She’s changed, Jen. She Radio She starts at : in the morning, still punchy from last night’s sleeping pills. So she takes a red pill to pep herself up and at midnight she’s still flying. I try to talk to her, it’s like a brick wall. Well, I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of being a big star. Hey, you know what these are? One month’s checks she has to sign. All the dough she makes, we still had to borrow to pay the income tax. Attorneys, agents, managers, secretaries, doctor, maid, masseuse, voice coach Radio she sings like a bird. Psychiatrist. Psychiatrist? Yeah. The studio wants her to find out why she’s so exhausted. They say they think it must be emotional conflicts. Conflicts, my foot. There aren’t enough hours in the day. The headshrinker says she’s insecure, that she needs mass love. Maybe I’m lucky I don’t have any talent. Hi, Jen. Mel, get me some skim milk, will you? Want something? I’ll have a Coke. Jen, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about Mel. He’s changed so. He just can’t seem to get with it. What do you mean, Neely? He’s gotten you lots of good publicity. That was the studio. They told him to butt out. They don’t even want him on the set. They say he makes me self-conscious. Ted Casablanca says he’s the joke of the town. I wouldn’t pay any attention to that. You know how y fags can be. He’s not even , and he’s made over a million bucks. Here we go. Mel, hand me my bag, will you? Thank you. Well, I’ve lost five pounds already. These pills are really great, Jen. They kill your appetite. Only trouble is, they pep me up so much, I can’t sleep. Well, what nice, fattening thing did you tell Arlene to make tonight? Arlene quit this morning. She said you yelled at her. That’s three cooks in three months, Neely. She was a louse anyway. You said yourself she was taking home all the booze. Other people have loyal help. Why can’t we? You don’t know how to talk to ’em. That’s your job. You’d better start running this house properly. I’m not the butler, Neely. You’re not the breadwinner either. I’m afraid I’d better be running along. See you soon. Bye, Jen. That was a rotten thing to say in front of Jenny. Why? She knows the facts of life. You two sit around on your rumps all day, while Tony and I slave. Maybe I’d better get off my rump and go back to New York. I can always get my old job back. Suit yourself. I’m too tired to argue. I’m gonna take a shower and get back to Ted Casablanca’s. You know, you’re spending a lot more time than necessary with that fag. Ted Casablanca is not a fag! And I’m the dame who can prove it. Thanks for making up my mind. I should’ve left a long time ago. But I kept remembering the old Neely. She was quite a girl. Now you’re just like all the rest of ’em Radio success is too big for you. If you ask me, my success is too big for you. Yeah, sure. Sure it is. I’ll just take this. It’s the only thing around here that belongs to me. When will I learn? How will I Where will I find What is real? Long for one time Long ago When my heart Knew how to feel I wrote about the things I knew, my own experiences. But I guess I only had one book in me. Was I really that naive? Naive and wonderful. I missed you, Anne. I went back to the agency business, and I like it. Incidentally, Neely is one of my clients. Really. I don’t know. England’s changed. Or I’ve changed. The nightingales somehow just sounded off-key. I used to pretend you’d gone bald and fat. I used to picture you with a sink full of dishes and a baby tugging at your skirt. Are you really going to marry Kevin? I was, but now I realize it’s impossible. I’m glad. You know, every girl I met always washed out. Just couldn’t stand up to your image. I am not taking you to a bistro. I’m taking you home to bed. Please, darling. As in sleep, which you need. Miss O’Hara? Yes. Please, would you autograph my program? Of course. Look, there’s Neely over there with that Casablanca. Where? Over there. Let’s try and catch up to them. Thank you. Darling, let’s get out of here. Here comes Tony Polar. He’s gonna put the bite on me for a job. I could’ve sworn Neely saw us. Well, she’s nearsighted, darling, and she can’t see feet in front of her. Yeah. Tony! Are you okay? I don’t know. My legs just seemed to give way. Happened the other day on the set. We had to retake the scene. Well, I think you ought to see a doctor. No, I’m all right. Come on. Tony! Jen! Tony! Tony! Tony! There. He’ll sleep for a while. He didn’t know me. He didn’t know where he was. Go out, Jen. The doctor will explain it to you. The disease is called Huntington’s chorea. It’s relatively rare. Unfortunately, there is no cure. The symptoms of physical and mental degeneration first appear about age , sometimes later. There’s an increasing loss of muscular control. Chances for inheritance are extremely high, far above average. Tony’s father had it. I kept hoping it wouldn’t hit Tony. Now you can see why I was against his marrying. Will he be able to walk again? As soon as the sedation I gave him wears off, but Radio the motor disturbances will occur again, and Radio there will be periods of blankness and possible hallucination. It may take a year before he reaches the point of complete incapacity. Are there any further questions? No. Good night, Mrs. Polar.

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