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I have you. Give me your hands. It’s good. FEBRUARY Follow my arms. Stay with me. It is rhythm. Agree? So it is game Here we go. One two Three. Right, left, right. I can not here in one, two, three. We can sit? No, darling. You need to relax and be patient and follow me. Here, follow me. Feel that? To listen to music. You’re doing it right. Will you marry me? What? Will you marry me? Do not. Wait a minute. It’s cold, dear. Would not you like to come back? The band is not ready yet. It’s cold. Feel that? There is a storm coming. It’s okay. Okay, what? Okay, we’re getting married. I just do not game No what? It’s only been a few months and is still winter. And there’s a storm coming. It’s like last year. Which makes that game I heard that we were going to happen. But maybe not. You never know. You never know. Some people are made for this. Sometimes surfing and will not return. Are you talking about the storm or a wedding? I think I’m talking about the storm. Are you afraid of a storm? Do not. I want to disappoint anyone. In game I do not want to lose you. I love you. So game let’s get married. Insurance? Yes. When? You want to choose a date? No. If you want to marry? April th. It’s okay. April will be. But I have to ask permission first Cluff. Do you have to ask permission? It is my commander. They are guidelines Coast Guard. But I promise I will ask tomorrow. I’ll take you home. You can dance too. Now look. It begins to snow. PENDLETON T OLIETANKER km NW van Chatham, MA Can you get me on that ear ringing, Captain? That crack charges were closed last month will not keep in these waters. A strong blow can explode again. I have not before going to the deck. I can hear that down here. What braze huge buzz. Hum, sir. Welding buzzes. I would slow down to three buttons, please. If we do not stop, you may not have game conditions to maintain. No problem. the conclusion of seven knots. Thank you sir. Pop? I have been told that. You want to go on deck to check electrofusion sockets? You can set a hat, Popo. What did you say? He said he would have to consider also bring a hat. Go to sleep. What do you know about this time? Eldon and I will destroy it. Are you sure it is because of the weather? Perhaps it is because of the singing. because people said sit sit, allow you to move the boat Come on. people said sit sit, allow you to move the boat Shut up. It will be even worse. I took the cover. Maintaining the weld bead is not at this time. You have to slow down. I am the captain of the call again. It comes in. It is? If. Go upstairs. We have a crack in the hull in the engine room. Everyone must collect mattresses and blankets and what still can be achieved. Yes son? I can get anyone on the bridge. You must inform the captain that the fuselage has a tear of meters. Tell pumps remain, but if not tied, they break. The captain does not understand me. I know he does not understand, but listen to anyone. cold outside? If. Try that thing left to do? If. Come on. That makes no sense. Let the man who did it, make it come. I would if it were to appear. What is this on the radio, a boat breaks? That is the Fort Mercer. Fort Mercer? That’s a great lady. That’s a tank vessel T. He began to call a few hours ago. Apparently she has a big crack in its hull. The oil leaks everywhere. She is about km east of Nantucket. It seems like Boston and Nantucket send its entire fleet. We can include the following. They say strong winds from to km / h. It will be a disaster. Miriam is called. Y. Good luck friend. Ja. Mr. Cluff. I, Bernie, sir. Put together a team. Go fishermen help make your boat at the dock. Yes sir. Lord, I need to ask you something. I have approval for a girl. Approval? Approval of a girl? Mr. Cluff, works. Yes sir. Not now. But, sir. It is not “just a girl ‘, sir game Not now. We receipt. Cluster here remains the salvation of Mercer? In die andere bliep, km van hier. That will be false echoes. How do we know that everything is out there? When the technician? And where he is doing Bangs Head? Is Fitzgerald, sir. Bangs in the main dining room, sir. You laugh at my accent, because I’m not from this neighborhood? Nee, Mr. Cluff. Why are you still here? Lord, but game Take Livesey take fishing boats. Yes sir. Do you want me to go with Webber, sir? For fixing fishing boats? You heard me. Yes, you and Webber. Sorry His orders, you know. That’s a lot of time, what do you think? We enter the water, we need to launch the lifeboats. Why are you so stupid? The least we can do is pray for the captain, chief of collagen game and the rest of men. All good men. we are not good men? Do not misunderstand me. Prayer is great, but not enough. We also need to do something. A word. That hothead Brown wants to launch the lifeboats. Lifeboats? Quirey want to do anything. Their bickering men are difficult. Boat guess you know better than anyone. Almost she married. So I think she will listen to you. Listen to me? These men do not like me. Nobody on the ship is me, if you and Tchuda. They like that maybe not, but they will listen. We do not know the teacher has to send an SOS. The radio booth is gone. We can not make calls. Garcia is only a small shortwave trying to pick something up. For all we know, nobody knows we’re here. I think we now have to launch the lifeboats and go from the ship while you can. How you get them in the water in this storm? That can not, these ships are too small. It is suicide. You can not do this, you can not. What do you want to do? Just nothing? That’s it, no officers, no orders. Every man for himself. That is not the way. I never did anything to anyone. The ship is broken game bulkheads tanks, eight and nine are separated. Mr. Sybert said the other tanks are not broken, so game the air in the ballast tanks should stay afloat. But Mr. Sybert also says that game Mr. Sybert says this, says Mr. Sybert. He’s a big boy. To say it himself. He is here. Go ead. We’re sinking. Yes, but the flute works. So we must continue to blow into it. Maybe someone will listen. I do not know, but we’re definitely sinking. Because the crack in the engine is too much water inside. The pumps can not keep up. If the water to get to the air intake of the engine, the power is lost. If we lose, we lose the pumps. If we lose game then they sink rapidly. How long we have before it happens? Four, maybe five hours. We have to stretch a little time. So anyone can find us. If someone is looking for us. Even if they know we’re here, the sea is big enough. She has this thing broken in half. How are you going to get out of hell? That’s why I say we need to launch the lifeboats. Our luck is running out. I do not believe in luck. If you let the lifeboats in the water, with less than seconds altogether. You and Quirey want to do anything. You have a better idea, Sybert, if you want to go back down to hide? We will let its beaches. What? Would you allow its beaches? Even if you could do with an average ship, why are you doing? They will break and throw us into the sea. It is our only option. We must find a soft sand and placed in it. Then it will be less water.

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