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Hey, Robert. Yeah? I’ve got to go run an errand in Tunning. You want to go with me? Sure, okay. JANE: You need some sunlight, boy, you’re pale as a ghost. So what do we have to get in Tunning? Nothing. I’m sorry? Oh, nothing at all. Well, I don’t have anything to do all day. I, uh, well . I lied to you. Well, I thought that you might need a little break, and since I knew you wouldn’t take one voluntarily, I decided to force you. Yeah, I kind of thought you’d like to go driving. – Do you? – I like it. You know, I thought we could go spend some time there by the lake. Just hang out for a while. I’d like that too. JANE: You know, I wanted to show you something. Well, I’ve never shown it to anyone else before. – What is it? – It’s a secret. Wait a second, it’s, um . Oh, down though here. You know, I used to come here when I was a little girl, and I was playing around one day and I found this clearing in the woods, and it was so beautiful. It was like a scene out of a fairy tale, or something, and I used to come here to be by myself. Never told anyone else about it, not even my dad. I don’t know if anyone else even knows that it’s here. I want to show you. Come on, I’ll take you there. I haven’t been here since I went away to . Someone must’ve buried garbage over here. Dogs dug it up. Oh, why did they have to go and do that? Looks like they were burning something. Just leave it alone, will you? Look at this, it’s a . Jane? Well, well, well, look what we have here. You on your way to grandma’s house, little girl? – Out of my way. – Hey, hey, hey. Cut it out. What’s your problem, anyway? You know what? You’re my problem. And people like you! They’re can’t be anything good in this world without you destroying it. Whoa, what’s this? Where’s this coming from? You know you have a real problem, little girl, ’cause I’m being perfectly nice. I’m not raising my voice, I’m not doing anything. And you come out with this stuff, like I’m some kind of a . Incredible Hulk. Like what? She said you were trying to destroy the world, and stuff.

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