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Who’ll kick you out? No, I just meant it… as a joke. I feel good here with you. You do? Can I say something ? I do it all the time! If I’d had a brother like you, I wouldn’t be a hooker. No? Why, what else can you do? I can do lots of things. Like? I can play hopscotch, jump rope… Anything a little more… modern? I kick butt at videogames. Okay, that’s good. Want to ? Thanks for the thought. I can just see this shit town all changed. All the lights, cars coming and going, neon signs, fireworks, one big party, day and night. All the skyscrapers, game rooms, slot machines, casinos… And a mile-long row of restaurants, clubs, people having fun, top-notch pussy. All rich, all beautiful. Okay. See you next week. What are you doing? They’re coming. We’ll have to buy this guy something or we’ll look bad. Stay down! Go! Cover your face, there’s cameras. Wait. It’s just a scratch. Let’s go. My love, don’t die on me here! My love! You can’t leave me, please! Get up! Let’s go. C’mon, the cops are comin’. I’m here with you. What do we do? Mirco! Go! He can’t walk, Mirco! He can’t walk! Go! I’m not asking you to change your mind, just support me on the Suburban Renewal Law. Politics has nothing to do with it, it’s about Ostia. It’s a big project, if you say yes, you’ll be part of it. Meaning? The firm handling the funds for the waterfront, will need a General Manager, interested? What exactly would I do? What do you need? Your vote. I already have your friends’, a few more here and there… If you say yes, I feel more at ease. It’s a zoning issue, if they break your balls, tell them the agreement was before you left the Party. A CEO’s salary? , a year. Plus benefits. Obviously. Car with driver, trains, flights… Of course. Length of contract? Four years, renewable. Alright. Just a few days left to get the law passed, so we need to free those funds, now. That’s impossible, it takes time to make such large sums available… Just a few days or it all blows up. I’m sorry, I really don’t know how it can be done, it’s impossible. Unfortunately, at this very moment, there’s something bigger than me, or you, but don’t make me say it. Eminence, you are too intelligent not to imagine the consequences of your attitude. If the deal blows, they’ll put you at the bottom of the Tiber. And I’d rather see a better fate for you. Alright, but, with increased risk, the expected quota will have to increase too. That’s no problem at all. Any better? I didn’t sleep all night, this shit wound stings. You gotta change location, I got a fishing shack set up for you, it sucks, but it’s really hidden. I’m not moving, I’d like to see if they come. They all know you’re here, it’s not safe. Cover her, please. When should I go? Today, then we the Anacletis up the ass. They think we’re freaked out, their guard’s down, and we ’em! We go after them tonight. Do what you have to, slaughter those shit gypsies! Instead, nobody does a thing, we do nothin’. Why? I made a promise. To who? To whoever the I want. We can’t let them get away with this. I make the decisions, no more in’ around or it all blows up. Tell everyone to sit tight. “I am this bread from Heaven”, said the Lord, “If any man eats of this bread, he shall live forever”. The body of Christ. Amen. I heard, before he died, Dagger was called by a piece of ass who’s in the big time, one of those who cost. That night she was in trouble, so she called my brother. That’s the shit people you hang with, right? Know her? Cat got your tongue? What do you want with her? Just a chat. Do you know her, or not? Where is she? Tell me what you want to know, I’ll talk to her. Want me pissed off in church? Just tell me where she is, don’t drag your feet. Tell me where I can find her. She’s at my place, my apartment. Lord, grant him eternal rest, and let Your perpetual light shine upon them… O God, creator and redeemer of all the faithful, grant the souls of the deceased universal remission of sins. Seba! I just want to know the name of the guy who was with you. What do you care? He has nothing to do with Dagger’s death.

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