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We’ve got a follower. Not for long. Watch this. What… What’s that? They got us. They got… And this is what Carmen would look like as a Fooglie. Oh, my God. Is this a fire drill? Put these on quickly. We don’t have any time to… Follow me. Follow me. Come on! Come on! Follow me! There’s a lot for you to know and very little time to explain. Uncle Felix! The first of which is, I’m not your uncle. Your parents are international spies, good ones, but they’ve been mostly inactive for the last nine years. What are you talking about? I was assigned to protect your family, but something’s gone wrong. I have to take you to the safe house. My parents can’t be spies. They’re not cool enough. That’s cool. According to the coordinates in my locating device, they’re being taken to Asia or South America. Go in there. I’ll be right back. And if you’re not? Hit the blue button to seal the door and the green button to go. Is this a joke? Cool! Carmen, look! Carmen. You’ll have to go to the safe house without me. Go now! Felix, look out! Yeah! Yeah! Find the OSS! Tell them the Third Brain lives! You must find… Felix, behind you! What are those things? Get them! Felix, get them! Press the blue and green buttons. We can’t leave Felix behind! Yes, we can. Blue to close, green to go. Quick! Here’s the green button. Blue button first! Juni! You never do anything right! Blue, then green! You gotta seal the door! I can’t find the blue! Hang on! What are those things? I don’t know, but they’re catching up! Where’s the gas pedal? No! Don’t touch anything! Manual override engaged. You weirdo! You switched it to manual! How do you work this thing? It was programed to take us to the safe house. Juni? Juni? Juni, what are you doing down there? Help me! Hang on! I’m coming to get you! Autopilot re-engaged. Wow! We are definitely gonna be late for school. Stop shaking. I can’t. Stop shaking, or you’ll give yourself more warts. We’re gonna be fine. Just be cool and do exactly as I say. Okay. Welcome to the N.I.X. Super Guppy. Juni, don’t touch anything. Juni! Whoa! Whoa! Cool. Destination, safe house. Estimated time for arrival, two hours, minutes. Juni, close your eyes. Why? Just keep them shut, all right? Okay. Okay, you can open your eyes now. Thanks. I just don’t want you crying all over me. We’re never gonna see them again, are we? Refreshments ready. Would you care for a lullaby, sir? Now flushing your poop. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very dangerous. Characters from Floop’s TV show. They’re prisoners. We need the brain, Minion. We’re running out of time. Don’t worry, sir. Ingrid and Gregorio Cortez are the only agents I know of that never had a weakness, but times change. Now they have two. Did you lock it? Yep. That’s the safe house? Looks more like an outhouse. Your name? Carmen Cortez. Your full name, please. I don’t use my full name. It’s too long. Your full name, please. Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez. My name’s a pass-code? This place is amazing. Empty. How safe is a safe house if there’s nothing to eat? “Machete’s BuddyPack”?

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