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But you’d be stranding the person on the island. How do Would you make that wish? I don’t know. I’ve never been on an island. Okay, well, yeah. Uh Forget the island. Let’s say you figured out how to do something that would make your life a million times better, but you knew it was wrong and there’s no taking it back. How do you do the math? Jim, these are not robot questions. I know how to wake Aurora up. Oh. Well, that seems like a fine idea. You could use some company. I’d be stranding her on this ship for the rest of her life. Oh. Well, you can’t do that. What am I gonna do? I’m here for you. Arthur, you’re a machine. See? You can’t feel that. You don’t have feelings. See? That doesn’t hurt. And you don’t even mind. ‘Cause you’re not a person. Don’t even think about it. No more Aurora talk. I’m over it. I’m moving on. Don’t even think about it! What am I gonna do? I’m just gonna sit and think about it? I’m not I can’t think about it, so I’m not going to. That’s the deal. I’ve made my decision. I know what I’m doing. I just cut it off. I’m not No more. You won’t hear me bring up her name again. I’ll never even mention her name again. Done. You can’t do it. Shaving off my beard. Please don’t do it. Good morning, Aurora. How are you feeling? It’s perfectly normal to feel confused. You just spent years in suspended animation. Grand concourse. Hello? Anybody? Hello. Hi. Are you passenger or crew? Passenger. Jim Preston. Aurora Lane. Do you know what’s going on? Nobody else from my row woke up. Same for me. The crew’s supposed to wake up a month before we do, but I haven’t seen anybody. The crew is still asleep. Are you saying nobody’s awake? Just me. Just yam? It’s just us. But somebody’s got to land the ship in a few weeks. We will arrive in approximately years. Eighty-nine years? The other passengers aren’t late waking up. We were early. We We need help. Where’s the crew? The crew’s in a secure hibernation room. Everything important, the controls, the reactors, the engines It’s all behind firewalls. There’s no way through. How long have you been awake? A year and three weeks. No. No, no, no. No, this can’t be happening. We have to go back to sleep. Aurora, we can’t. We just have to get back to our pods and start them up again. I can’t find my pod. I can’t find my pod. I can’t find my pod. I don’t know which It doesn’t matter. Aurora I can’t find it! Stop. Aurora I can’t find which one is mine! Stop. I don’t know which one is mine! I’ll help you. I can’t Stop! It doesn’t matter. Putting somebody into hibernation requires special equipment. Remember the facility where they put us under, all the procedures we went through? These pods are designed to keep us in hibernation, to wake us up at the right time, but they can’t put us back to sleep. You don’t think there’s a way back into hibernation? No. But there has to be. There has to be. :. Nighttime. I know I should be working the problem, but I can’t even keep my eyes open. You just came out of hibernation. It’s going to be a couple of days before you’re 2 %.

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