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sand transportation! I think they are transporting it to Kerala across the border. He might have thought you are investigating about this, so attacked you. You dont get mobile network here. I am not making a call. Wait here. I will come back soon. You go back if I would not return in minutes. Did you find him ? Hahaha Radio Are you searching for your wife ? Where is she?! Missing people are never found back in this village. In case if I find her Radio hahhaa He does not know anything Then how did he have your watch ? Yes, Even I am not getting that . Lets leave.It is not safe to be here. Gautham, What happened ? There are rats running in my stomach, give me something to eat. Wait for sometime man. Stay away from that Mahabala Hegde. He is very influential. I just want Indu. I dont care If I have to go against Mahabala hegde for that. Colonel Babu was telling that many others have gone missing in the past.. Do you know anything about it ? It is true. Last July, My neighbour’s wife went missing. Does it have to do something with the Guddadha Bootha ? There was a guy called Angara in our village . He was taking part in Mahabala Hegde’s event every year. He was little creepy though. Angara went missing in during the time of Mahabala Hegde’s event. That midnight they found his body tied up on a tree near Kamaruttu house. Only his body, they could not find his head. Nobody knows how he died. Some say that Mahabala Hegde murdered him. Some others say that Brahma-Rakshasa killed him. Since then, mysterious things are happening in this village. Every year, th day from his death day, a loud screaming noise comes from that mountain. Gautham, Guddada Bhootha is as real as you or me. We need to collect info about all other missing people. We can get info from police records. Where are you guys heading to ? Any problem ? Just answer my question. So, you found your wife! She is my friend. Friend? Where are you going in middle of the night with her ? Is she your night friend ? Show some respect! I do not have to give respect to you. I am like this. I will stop all your game. I have already got many complains on you. why do you poke your nose in others business? Pack your bags and go back to where you came from. If I see your face again Radio . Sorry, he took away your phone because of me. No worries, I have the memory card with me. see how helpful the police is ! Police station is this way right ? Yes But he is going that way. So ? Come..Don’t get wet in rain. You stay here. I will go check. You need someone to hold umbrella. It will take a long time to search in this mess. Everything has been arranged date wise. But how can we get only the missing cases files? if only we had a different section for all missing cases. According to Shanker Master, his neighbor went missing last July. Lets search in July . I got it! Pushpalatha Rai, Age , Missing since July , This lady went missing on July th Indu went missing on July th, very next day of Mahabala Hegde’s event. Angara, Age , July , , Murder Get all files in July month from till date. Hye, stop the vehicle. Why has he stopped his vehicle here. We just need and , Search that way. Idiots, why the hell are you sleeping during work hours?! Had someone come to the station ? No sir, nobody. You were sleeping, how would you know stupid. There is a vehicle outside, do you know whose ? No sir no.. Go search outside and get the Vehicle near the station. If they were coming to station, they would have parked near. Why have they parked it so far?! Swith on the Record Room lights. His Jeep is here. They would not have gone too far. Start my vehicle. See I told you. Hide in Police station to escape from Police. Your car is km away from here. Can you walk till there ? I can even run! I cannot stay in this dress anymore. Did you go back just for that Umbrella ? It was raining right.. Actually, this was in my Mom’s hand when had they first met. I always keep it with me. It reminds me of them. I am sorry. No no.. they are still alive! I am always away from home because of my work. So.. I did not get what you were doing near Narnu’s house? Should I lie or tell the truth ? I will believe whatever you say. I was searching for you. Why? I know who you really are! You are the famous novelist Anushku right ? Shall we leave ? Is front seat ok for you ? For what ? To sleep. Police would be waiting for us at the home. It is safe and comfortable too. years, missing cases! All on July th. Do you need anything to eat? Nothing. Pandu, what all info have you collected ? Sandhi, I am a little busy right now. Whatever it is, stop and talk to me now. It is hard to stop. But I will talk to you. Indu Suvarna died in that Accident, I confirmed. Even her husband Gautham Suvarna died in it. What ?! Yes, The car caught fire during the accident and both died. There was one more girl in the car, her name was.. Harini Ranganath What else do you know about that Harini Ranganath ? She is an orphan. She was staying in a working women hostel in Bangalore. She was working as a yoga instructor. Ok man, continue your work. and Siddharth too Radio

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