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sneaking out of your apartment at : in the morning? But you don’t have to sneak. And don’t tell me I knew what I was doing. But you did. You knew. But I loved you. Does it make any difference how or why it happened? It happened. And for that I’m grateful. Come on. Come on. Do you think I could sleep with you here in this house? No. I guess you couldn’t. I guess I should have known. You’re afraid of ghosts. Well, I’m not. And none of them ever loved each other more than I love you. But not enough to marry me. But that’s beside the point. I’ll get you a cab. You can stay at the hotel. All right. You do that. Lyon Burke, please. I’m sorry, Miss Welles. He checked out. He left this for you. Johnny was just going to bring it over. Dear Anne, Thank you for the moment of reckoning. You once said I knew who I was and what I wanted. I’ve always wanted to write, so I’m going back to England, find the counterpart of Lawrence ville and see if I can. Somewhere in your wonderful New York there is the right man just waiting for you to find him. Thank you for the loveliest winter of my life. Lyon. How was lunch? I wasn’t very hungry. Mr. Bellamy wanted some cigarettes. Not now, honey. He’s got a big, new account in there. Say, I still have one of Queenie’s kittens left. Would you like to have it? It’s a male, honey. It won’t give you any trouble. A male in the Martha Washington Hotel for Women? You could always move. Yes, Mr. Bellamy. Send in Miss Welles with her notebook. Who’s he with? Kevin Gillmore. He made a mint with that new hair spray. Miss Welles. Take this down, please. Point number one Radio the girl who’ll introduce our beauty products on our TV show will be known as the Gillian girl. Two Radio she must be beautiful, but more important she must be refined, cultured Radio a girl like Miss Welles here. That’s not a girl. That’s my secretary. We don’t want artificial beauty. We want the kind that our audience can identify with. A college girl, a young matron who’ll think she can look like Miss Welles if she uses our product. I’m flattered, Mr Radio Gillmore. Mr. Gillmore, but I’m not an actress. I don’t want an actress. I want an unknown, a girl to be identified with Gillian products exclusively. I will start her off at $ a week. Gillmore, that’s sabotage. It’s also very tempting. Why don’t we have dinner and talk it over? Okay. But bring the contract to me before you sign it. KNBC, Los Angeles. Celebrating the second anniversary of the Gillian girl, Gillian Products offers a Gillian girl’s birthday special. Gillian high-fashion makeup. Gillian high-fashion lipstick. Helps soothe natural curls as it sets your hair. After your shampoo, just comb, roll up, then brush out. Gillian makeup gives grace and elegance to that high-fashion look. Gillian makeup gives you just enough accent to that flawless complexion. Hello. Yes. I’ll accept the charges. Hello, Mother? How are you? Yes, I’m watching too. Remember, the beautiful people use Gillian’s. She looks lovely. She’s coming to California next week. I’ll be seeing her. I know she’s making big money. Mother, I can’t send you any more money this month. Miriam has me on a strict budget. Of course she’s still living with us. You know that. If that’s long distance, don’t hang on the phone. You know how much it costs. Mom, I’ve got to go now. I’ll write you tomorrow. Okay. Bye. Continuing our presentation of the annual Grammy A wards, coming to you from the grand ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in the heart of New York City. Presently on the stage about to present a major award is the toastmaster general of the United States, Mr. George Jessel. And now Radio And now a special award for Miss Neely O’Hara. Hey, Miriam, come and look. It’s old home week. Neely Radio Neely, just a few short years ago you were an unknown little girl singing for her supper. And now, because of the warm, plush, lush notes that emerge from your fair throat, you’ve become the idol of movie fans and record buyers all over the United States of America. And with the same elation that I felt when I shook the hands of the great Caruso Radio I happily present to you this Grammy A ward for your warm contribution to the recording industry. Thank you, Mr. Jessel. I’d like to thank all of you here and all of you out there who made this possible. By the way, don’t forget to see my new film, Love and Let Love, opening at the Music Hall this week. I sing some great new songs in it. Good. Good-bye. Good-bye. Neely. Annie. Neely, congratulations. Thank you. How long has it been? It’s been too long. I’d like you to meet Kevin Gillmore. This is Neely O’Hara. And her husband. How do you do? Congratulations. How do you do? We’re coming to the Coast next week. Maybe we can get together. Great. Give me a call. I’d like to see how Gillian’s hair spray reacts to smog. Good to see you, Anne. Mr. Gillmore. Nice to have met you. Hey, you know something? I’ve never carried you across the threshold before. Thanks. I need it. Hold that, honey. Oop. Did you have a hard day? A brute. Sit down, will you? I might as well give it to you all at once. The studio dropped my option. So what? There are lots of other studios. Should have never let them put you in Westerns. You’re a romantic lead. Sure. Sure. Look! You’re a singer. You can always go back to nightclubs. I don’t want to go back to nightclubs. Will you do me a favor? Will you just not worry about it? He doesn’t want to go back to nightclubs. He wants to make pictures. I’m gonna heat up the lasagna. Boy, could I go for a drink. Me too. It’s charming. Would you care for cocktails? Two martinis. Ma’am? Glass of red wine. And I’ll have a Scotch and soda. Thank you. Pardon me, Pat. Hello, Anne. Welcome to California. Jennifer. Lyon. Tony. Good to see you. Nice to see you again, Lyon. Lyon Burke. Kevin Gillmore. Hello. How do you do. Well, how long will you be in town? Not half long enough. Just two days. I’m taking Anne to Hawaii. Wonderful. You’ll love it. Incidentally, Anne, how did you like my book? I haven’t read it. You should. It’s dedicated to you. I’ll send you a copy. Well, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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