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And with your a week, we can really live. We can get a maid to clean up. We can get a mink coat. Yeah, well, right now, you better get a good night’s sleep. So give me a double-triple? Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the call. Hello, Mother. Well, I just got in. I thought it was too late to call you. But I just sent you $ last week, Mother. Okay. I’ll send you $ as soon as I get my paycheck. You told me Gran’s been sick, Mother. And I know about the oil burner. Okay. I’ll take the mink to Uncle Ira’s again. He’ll give me a couple hundred for it. Mother, I know I don’t have any talent, and I know all I have is a body, and I am doing my bust exercises. Good-bye, Mother. I’ll wire you the money first thing in the morning. Good-bye. To hell with them. Let ’em droop. Look. The models have goose bumps. Yes. And come July, they’ll be sweltering in mink. You must be frozen. Are you sure you want to walk? Positive. How beautiful. No. Sorry. Jewelry’s not for you. Maybe one single strand of pearls. But not creamy. Pink, to match your skin. And don’t expect any flowers either, because white lilacs are the only ones that suit you and they’re very difficult to come by in New York in February. But make a note. Remind me to send you some in May. Are you wooing me, Mr. Burke? If you wish to be wooed. What about that fraternity pin you wear? That’s Sigma Chi, isn’t it? Deke. Deke. Yes. Yes. It can mean everything or nothing. Then I’ll settle for nothing. Do you realize, Miss Welles, that you are the most beautiful girl that ever left her lipstick in my office? You like women, don’t you? I like career girls. We’re compatible. There’s a rumor they don’t make very good wives. I’m not looking for a wife. No, some men just don’t pull well in double harness. You’re fortunate you know yourself. I don’t know who I am or what I want. I only know I have to find out. When did I get Where did I Why am I lost As a lamb? When will I know? Where will I How will I learn Who I am? I’ll plant my own tree And I’ll make it grow My tree will not be Just one in a row My tree will offer shade When strangers go by If you’re a stranger, brother Well, so am I Come tomorrow, all that I see is my tree Offstage, I hate her, but onstage I’m madly in love with her. Let someone stop me And I will put up a fight It’s my yard, so I will try hard To welcome friends I have yet to know I’ll plant my own tree My own tree and I’ll make it grow My tree will not be Just one in a row My tree will offer shade When strangers go by If you’re a stranger, brother Well, so am I Come tomorrow All that I see Is my tree Lord, what a sight Let someone stop me And I will put up a fight It’s my yard, so I will try hard To welcome friends I have yet to know I’ll plant My own tree My own tree And I’ll make it grow Do you think it’s a hit? It is with me. But we’ll have to wait till : AM until the reviews hit the street. : AM? Good heavens, what do we do until then? We could always go to Helen’s hotel suite and listen to four-letter words and wait. I have a better idea. My father used to come here when he was at Yale. Well, I’m an Oxford man, myself. I know all about you. You do? I know your mother was English. She was an ingénue at the Drury Lane Theater. And you look exactly like her. Well, not exactly, I hope. And when your uncle died, you took over his business. Good old Steinberg. What would you like to have? Sherry, please. Good. Two sherries. Did she also tell you that I once had the illusion that I could write? I’m sure you could. You turn a very neat phrase when you dictate. Actually, I’m beginning to like the agency business. Every man a potential “‘Enry ‘Iggins” waiting to discover his own Eliza Doolittle. Thank you. Thank you. It’s funny. I used to come here weekends, but tonight it’s not the same. No noisy students, no drinking songs. It seems the two of us are alone in the world. We are. You know that. I’ve known it for a long time. Beautiful. Mel, you call this acting? Actually, this is a celebration. I’ve been having conversations with the Coast. They want to test you and Tony next week. I have the scenes here. And a song, a really good one. Yes? Excuse me. Telephone for you. It’s your Aunt Amy. Tell her I’ll call back. She says it’s very important she speak to you. Something must be wrong. Um, excuse me. Mother’s not been well. Miriam, here’s a copy for Tony. Incidentally, where is Tony? Well, I know who he’s with, but I don’t know where. I can’t reach him. Well, find him. I know you owe Miriam a lot, Tony, but I wish we didn’t have to meet in such out-of-the-way places. I’ll bet I’m the only showgirl who’s ever been inside the Statue of Liberty. Honey, it’s just that Miriam doesn’t want me to get serious. Are you serious, Tony? You know I am, baby. But Miriam’s got this thing about marriage. She thinks it’ll destroy what she calls my image. And there’s something else. I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it. Maybe she’s jealous. No, not Miriam. She raised me. Did without. Worked like a dog to give me my singing lessons. Maybe that’s why she’s so careful with money. We always had so little. Yeah. It was the same with us. When my father died, my mother and grandmother thought I was such a drain. All I ever heard was how much I ate and how much it cost to buy me shoes. It got so I panicked when I thought my shoes were getting too small. Hey, it’s Radio it’s freezing here. It certainly is. Let’s go up to your apartment. We’ll take the phone off the hook this time so Miriam can’t bother us. Come on. My mother said I should have held out and made you marry me. Baby. When did I ever do anything my mother told me to? Live with me And be my Radio A telegram for a Miss Polar. One second. You have to Radio You have to sign this. Thank you. Dr. Eberhardt. This is Miriam Polar. Yes. I called you because I’m worried. Tony just got married. No, I never told him. I know I should have, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to him. After all, it might not ever happen. Well, the point is that, we’ll be leaving for California next week and, you’d better give me the name of a doctor there. I wanted to come up for your mother’s funeral. Why didn’t you let me? It was my own private grief. I didn’t want to put you through it. She must’ve been a wonderful woman. Yes, she was. Anne, it’s a dream town. I can almost hear Paul Revere’s hoof beats. He passed us by. There was a scandalous rumor going around we were pro-British. I’m sorry you missed Aunt Amy. She’s gone to the cousins in New Hampshire. You know, everything is better here. It really is. I don’t know how you ever left. Hot. Be careful. Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we leave the rat race and move up here? I could write my book, or at least try. Do you really think you’d be happy? Of course I would. Woods to tramp, a river to fish, and this wonderful old house. And you beside me on that marvelous old four-poster upstairs. But it’s a marriage bed, Lyon. You were thinking of marriage? You know how I feel about that. When you fall in love, you belong to someone else. We’ve gone through this before. How do you think I feel

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