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Back in . You’ll have to turn the plane around. Why, I don’t know if we can . It will be dangerous for us to return. Dangerous for your niece and Professor Fenster, since we are expected at our destination at a specified time, and if we do not arrive, certain instructions will be radioed to Igor. Therefore, I assume that you will allow me to search you in order to make absolutely sure that a return is necessary. You’re right. The coin is not on you. Now, then, where is this coin? At your home? No. Then, where? First, you must take me to the place where my niece and Virginia Fenster are being held prisoner. Before I give you anything, I must make sure they’re unharmed. Capitalist pig! It is I who make the bargains here, not you. Now, remember this, Bates, or whatever your name is. If those two ladies are hurt you’ll have no threat to hold over my head. And you will no longer be able to force me to co-operate with you. Now, where are they? The cellar of an office building in your city. What building? The Consolidated Building. Then I suggest you instruct your friend to step on the gas. Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Bates Yes? I hope you realize that if we don’t get there in time, and your friend receives his radio orders to harm those two ladies, there will be absolutely nothing to prevent my using that secret weapon on you again, do you understand? I understand. No! No! Cynthia. Virginia. Are you all right? Thank God. Well, Professor, are you satisfied that the ladies are unharmed? We will go now and get that coin. Yes, I am satisfied the ladies are unharmed. And it is now my pleasure to inform you that you are completely within my power. What? I withheld that power only to save them. The hands. But now . Something about the hands. Igor! Let me . Ow! I don’t know what this secret weapon of yours is, or how you operate it. I suppose it’s some mechanism concealed in your clothes, but I did observe that in order to activate it, you had to raise your arms. And unless I’m gravely mistaken, I have now rendered you powerless. It’s no use, Professor, that tape is very strong. Now, shall we go and get that coin? All right. You win. Very sensible. After you, sir. May I say goodbye to my niece? I’m a civilized man. Of course you may. Thank you. Uncle Jonathan. Listen, if you and Virginia make a run for it, they won’t follow. They’re more interested in me. Get to the police and bring them back here. But . Do as I say. All right, Jones. That’s enough. You and I will go for the coin. Igor will remain here with the ladies in the event that . Run! Hurry! Run! Don’t you want that coin? I’ve got it! It’s in my pocket. I’ve had it all the time. You’re lying. Am I? I’ve searched you. Not well enough. Well, if you really have i throw it to me. With my hands like this? Uh-uh. If you want it, come and get it. Zotz! Jones, I warn you. I want that coin! You’ll have to take it! May I remind you that you are now powerless? Jones, I want that coin. I’ll give you till the count of three. One . Bates, listen. No discussions, please. Just the coin. Two . I . I . Three! Zotz! Amazing phenomenon, Bates, isn’t it? Zotz! Take your time, Igor. Just take your time. Wouldn’t you know it? Not a cop in sight. Stop this silly game, Professor. Give me the coin and no harm will come . No! Professor, don’t be ridiculous! You’ll fall. Don’t worry about me. Zotz! Stop! Stop, I say! Zotz! That’s it. Zotz! It’s no use. You are powerless without that coin! Bates, I warn you. The slightest noise or vibration . What are your plans no w, Professor Zotz? The name is Jones, young man. Jonathan Jones. And my plans are to return to Saracen Valley College on the next plane and begin my duties as the new dean of languages. General Bullivar, do you think the coin will be recovered? Well, it’s hard to say. It might have floated all the way out into the Pacific. Needle in a haystack. However, we’re using maximum effort, radar, sonar, loren, submarines . The newest type of magnetic devices. Oh, modern science is a wonderful thing. My personal opinion is that we stand an even chance of

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