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I’m an FBI agent. This dude is just asking to be my next chew toy. This panda sting was an FBI investigation. What was that dog doing there? Max is part of our team. Your team should have been doing their job, not interfering with our investigation. howling Hey, calm down, Sarge. Hoooow’d you let this happen? You know that wasn’t my fault. That panda needs to be back at the zoo with her mother. She’s only eight weeks old. howling …of a … of a … I know-ow-ow. Wait a second. Now you got me doing it. Why are there dogs in this meeting? They are some of New York’s finest. What is happening in this town? Contraband entering New York ports comes under NYPD jurisdiction. Ling Li is not mere contraband. Her kidnapping from China and transportation to this country is an international crime. I hope you have better luck solving this international crime than you had with the others. Didn’t you feds somehow blow a sting operation involving a pygmy three-toed sloth in Panama? And what about the Bengal tiger who was kidnapped just last week in Singapore? Oh, and don’t forget the albino python. I’ll have you know that that sloth was very fleet of foot. For a sloth. We’re done here. It was a very fast sloth. Sarge, you just gonna roll over and let the FBI take our case? Oh, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. In this business you gotta know your place sometimes. Oh, thank you, Chief. Oh, okay. Well, enjoy. Sarge panting But somebody’s gotta do something. Be right there, Maxi. A little to the left. A little to the left. Bingo! phones ringing Doberman Hey, hey, Max. How you doing? What’s up, Rico? Bob. Bob Yo, big dog. Hey, Sparky. panting Hey, Max. Where’d they put my suspect? stammering Interrogation room , huh. You and I got a big problem. Do you know this song? It’s called… You got nothing on me You got nothing on… Really? Yeah, man. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I saw you with a stolen panda. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on. Who’s to say it was a stolen panda? Come again? I’m just saying that in my experience, illegal pandas look a lot like legal pandas.

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