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Lonnie, get this going. Got it. Jackson Games You also came with the Grim Reaper. Do you think that man came to save me? That sounds more natural. Don’t worry. I won’t kill them. It’s just to show how angry I am, so that they would think that dying would be better. Aigoo! Save us! Save us! Please save us! Save us please! For two days, this road will disappear on the map. It means that you won’t have any luck to be found by someone for two days. It might hurt like you’re dying but you won’t die. Fortunately, the police will discover you after two days. You will pay for your crime at the police station. You should be thankful that you didn’t have to pay me. At times, a god is hiding among those you bully. Say your thanks to that child. You two had a fight. That’s all. You didn’t see anything. Ah. You won’t be able to reconcile forever. A car Games You didn’t bring one? We don’t usually go around in cars. Ah. Perhaps Games I’m asking, just in case. Am I dead? Is this road the way to the afterlife? This is just a countryside road. We just saved you earlier. Then are you going to kill me now? Am I captured? Alive? I’m asking out of curiosity. When are we going to hear, “Thank you for saving me”? Calm down. We are with a -year-old who isn’t done getting mad. I never knew the two of you were this close. For someone who asked to be saved, what should I do when you bring along the Grim Reaper? I’m asking out of curiosity. When are we going to hear, “Thank you for saving me”? Keep quiet! Why are you shouting? Why does this road not have a single car pass by? Someone made it so that no car would pass this road for two days. I said keep quiet! Why haven’t you left yet? You said you were leaving. Soon. Ah. Don’t mind me. I didn’t ask because I was really curious. I know. But how did you come? I wasn’t able to blow out the lighter earlier. I’m not sure. I think I just heard you. “Save me” or something like that. I just thought to myself though. Maybe you thought aloud. You could have chosen not to come. There was no reason not to come. I’m sorry then. You came to save someone who is not even your bride in your busy schedule. I did some research. You were right when you said I was living on a bonus. I heard you saved me and my mom years ago. So I’m fine being a bonus now. It was thanks to being born that I was able to meet my mom, so I’ve decided to not dislike you. It looks like you dislike me.- No, I don’t. If I met you again by any chance, I really wanted to tell you that. I’m sure you wished not to meet me. I think you dislike me, for sure.- No, I don’t. From now on, I won’t summon you or think of you and I won’t do anything. So you should be rest assured and leave. I hope your household stays in peace and I hope you meet a good person. A pretty someone who discovers your sincere self. Ah, not the face but the heart. You said you don’t look at faces. It’s all cooked so you should eat. I will be going then. Wait. I didn’t eat but I’m paying? It was your idea to eat. I also didn’t eat. And Games I don’t have money. Then I’ll pay. You give your time. Eat before you go. Right now Games are you feeding me dinner? Yeah. There’s no way those men fed you before abducting you. I don’t want to. I don’t want to eat with you. If you want to, then pack it for me. I will thankfully accept the spicy rice cakes. You do dislike me. Here, Uncle, listen carefully. Eun Tak lost her parents when she was young. She was abused by her aunt and her cousins. Shabashaba Games How much did she cry? Kid’s Korean Cinderella song Who made her cry? Her aunt and those siblings. There’s no need to search deeply. The whole neighborhood knows about it. Eun Tak’s mom left an insurance payout of $. million. Since they won’t be able to control the money once she becomes a legal adult, the aunt must be really abusing her. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m in the middle of being shocked about how useful you are. A chaebol has to use money and power to look into a person’s background— Where did you get the pictures from? – I took them while on stakeout. But I didn’t see Eun Tak. She must be busy. What is that? Me. It came out nicely. By the way, Uncle, why did you ask me to look into this? To punish them. How? Uncle, are you feeling okay? Is this punishment? It’s gold. How could you give gold as punishment? What about me?- You worked hard. Why? What about me? Why can’t I receive that? Didn’t I commit a lot of sins? Aren’t I deserving of a huge punishment? Those bastards. Did they catch her or not? Why aren’t they calling me? Keep quiet, you punks! Your mother is worried sick here! Laughing here? That money is about to go into the bellies of those thugs. You borrowed it yourself anyway. Oh, right. I should have starved you to death. It’s no different now, either. Right. I was the crazy . What was I thinking to have two kids a year apart Games What is that?- It’s gold, you ! Wow, Ji Eun Tak. She changed all that money into gold. There was a reason why she insisted there was no bank book. This is why there’s no bank book. As soon as the sun rises, let’s go to the pawnshop. Let’s split it equally. Equally. Just you try to pull some tricks. This bastard Games I’m your mom! Give it to me. Let go! Let go! Mom! Wake up! That Kyeong Mi ran with the gold! That crazy ! Why is the line busy the whole time? I know. The line is busy now. With which bastard is she talking to? She’s talking to this bastard! Hang up! Hurry! Hurry and grab a taxi! Taxi! Taxi! I’m in a hurry. Get out of the way. Move! Mister, go! Yes, Grandfather, Uncle is eating Games He has a spoonful and I even put some kimchi on for him. Seollongtang beef bone soup . Yes, yes. But, Grandfather, about the card Games Hello? Hello? Honestly, if you could just say a word then this problem Games Uncle, are you listening? What are you watching? What? Television. He’s a pitiful person. I should not be getting mad at such a pitiful person, a rd generation chaebol. He was exactly at that age. Who was? The king I protected. He was years old. You protected a king? Awesome! Uncle, were you a Nae-si, by chance? Nae-si means eunuch sounds like four-o-clock

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