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And the last ID we traced, was on the US. I knew it. Meaning? Sometimes you can get hacked with a simple phone call. And..how is that? Well..the hacker just needs to hack the medium. And the medium can be anything. For example, videocalls, phonecalls, radiosignals..and IP address as well. IP address as well. Yes, IP address as well. You can customize your phone number through the IP address.. Online Radio Australia and call anyone. And they will never know who the hacker is, and where. I hope it’s clear. And what kind of equipments do you require for all this? Simple.. Highspeed internet..and a highend laptop. Sometimes just a phone maybe. WOW! That’s it, huh? And a genius mind. Like you. And a motive too. Absolutely right. And we’ve no motives, we’re the victims. Right? Establishing a motive..is my job. And let me do my job, Ms. Siya. So you can wait for that moment. We would like to leave. Thank you for your time, gentlemen. What do you think? No chance. Actually we don’t have any evidence either. The court won’t grant us even an hour for interrogation. But trust me. I know people like Rahul very well. If he’s done something, he’ll definitely make a mistake. “Which will be in our favor. So be it, sir. Sir..Sarnaik sir’s phone records have arrived. If we want to make some progress in this case.. Online Radio Australia we’ll have to go few steps backwards. Come, Gaitonde..let’s listen to Sarnaik sir’s history. ‘Karan sir, am I disturbing you?’ ‘It was a big mistake.’ Online Radio Australia to think that a cunning basm like you would be loyal.’ Loyal as a dog sir.. Have I ever given you a chance to complain?’ ‘You won’t anymore.’ I am going to settle your account once and for all.’ ‘I hope you mean that, sir.’ ‘And you’re not furious with me.’ Karen Parekh. Mumbai’s realestate magnet. Goa’s casino king. Collector of Derby horses. Ramesh Sarnaik, ACP Mumbai Police. What cat and mouse game were they playing? Sir, I think we’ve reached the next level. For that, we’ve to understand the level of Sarnaik’s every case. Back in the headquarters, you were trying to be oversmart, Ranvir. Not cool. If someone’s paying you a sixdigit salary, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Rahul is a shrewd business. Not a psychopath like that hacker, whoever he is. And he’s honestly admitted that he’s not involved. Honesty..Rahul? You seriously believe what Rahul said? He can stoop to any level for his business. How can you trust him? So that makes him a murderer. I have a mind too. And I feel, rather I am sure that he’s innocent. Only time will tell. It’s a open and shut case, Ranvir. No logic, no evidence, no proof. And I am telling you this. Siya.. Online Radio Australia you know.. What? When you get angry.. You look really beautiful. You know what. I know. I think..Rahul Oberoi’s going to be s**** And why do you think that? Because even God can’t win against a furious lover.. Online Radio Australia let alone this owner of Global Network. I see.. Furious love and all. I likes. Rohini..didn’t die in a car accident, she was murdered. Karan got her killed. My child tolerated that animal for so long. Later when she realized it was enough.. “Then we filed for divorce. We had extensive evidence against him. But just one day before the court’s judgment. Online Radio Australia Rohini died in a car accident. No wife, no divorce, no alimony.. No justice, no daughter. Karan wrapped up the case out of the court. We are.. We’re helpless old couple. We’re only waiting for..God’s justice. I can understand your pain. I Radio Onlineure you..justice can be delayed, but not denied. Right sir, thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll be in touch, and if anything comes up, I will.. Sir..do all your cars get serviced at Trinity Motors? Do you have service records of your cars? Yes, I have them. Hurry up, come on. Imagine Gaitonde. Online Radio Australia all the cars of a family.. “Gets serviced at the same workshop. Online Radio Australia by the same mechanic, for all these years. And one of the car has a brake failure. So..should we hold God responsible for it, or the mechanic? Sir, I feel..we can suspect the mechanic. Huh? Yes. But sir..where are the factssupponing your theory? Here you go. Thank you. What happened? Sometimes a small piece of paper..can solve a big case. Good day, sir. I’ll be seeing you. Any luck? I don’t know about luck..but Karan’s bad luck is about to begin. Gaitonde, all the service records have been signed by the same mechanic. Some Chanderpal. You mean to say the brakes didn’t fail, it was sabotaged. I am not saying it. Chanderpal will. H ow? We’ll request him..to please cooperate. Come on. Sir. Mister. Yes, sir. Who is Chanderpal? Chandu, someone’s here to see you. There he is, sir. Yes, sir..what’s the job? We’re fans of your talent. Can you fix..car brakes? Sir, stop Misting words. Get to the point, what is the job? I like him. Me too. Well..I’ll get to the point. Can you sabotage brakes? Are you police officers? Hey..only two kinds of people recognize police. The Police..or criminals. You’re not the Police. Look sir..l am a poor mechanic. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Who told you to sabotage Sabarwars brakes? What? Look here, Gaitonde here is just as good with a stick.. Online Radio Australia like you are in acting. Come on. Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’ll tell you, sir..I’ll tell you! Let Gaitonde practice some more. It’s been really long since he’s had a chance. Sir, I beg you.. Let me go. Karan sir gave me the money..to sabotage the brakes. How much did he pay you, Chandu? He paid me ,. What did you do with the money, Chandu? I bought a inch TV, sir. Oh..now taste this inch police truncheon. Sir..don’t hit me, sir..don’t hit me. I told you everything, sir. Leave me sir. This punishment is just for sabotaging the brakes. You still have to pay for the death caused by the brake failure. Sir, please..please.. If the brakes failed..then how did it become a accident case in the court? Sarnaik sir had a hand in it, sir. I see.. Yes. H ow? Sir, I am a poor man. I don’t know so much in detail. What do you think, Gaitonde? Does he really not know anything else? You know what, sir..l don’t want to believe him.

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