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It doesn’t matter to me. But I won’t let this happen to her. Are you listening to her? You see? This plan is made by her lover! Stop it now, Shehbaz Khan. Let us go. -Come on. -Stop! I will drop you home. But Zainab comes with me. She belongs to someone else. Never! Let her go. I will come with you. If you really want me then, let them go. No. -I don’t need you! -Let the kid go! Leave her! Leave her alone! Let her be! Now who will save you from me? Come on! -I can’t- -Ma? What happened? You will be fine. The hospital is close. Keep your eyes open. Talk to me. Allah Rakhi? We’re almost there. Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Ma? to walk around on your own, that wasn’t right. I apologize. I wasn’t thinking of you. Marcus, you appear so strong, you are in so many ways, that I forget you are a boy, a very sensitive boy. A boy who loves and honors his father. You can cry, Markie. I’ve seen you cry before. I know I can. I know– I just don’t want to. Thank you. Thank you, Ma. This is a great relief to me. I couldn’t imagine him living all alone Games it was unimaginable. Don’t imagine it. But now I must ask for something in return. Because something is unimaginable to me. I never asked anything of you before. I never asked because I never had to. Because you are perfect where sons are concerned. All you’ve ever wanted to be is a boy who does well. You have been the best son a mother could have. But I am going to ask you to have nothing more to do with Miss Hutton. Because for you to be with her is unimaginable for me. clears throat Ma– Markie, you are here to be a student and to study the Supreme Court and to prepare to go to law school. You are here so someday you will become a person in the community that other people look up to and that they come to for help. You are here so you don’t have to be a Messner and work in a butcher shop for the rest of your life. You are not here to look for trouble with a girl who has taken a razor and slit her wrists. Wrist. She slit one wrist. One is enough. We have only two, and one is too much. Ma, you don’t understand– You think I don’t understand? You don’t. You don’t understand. Markie, I will stay with your father But for this I am offering a deal. Markie, the world is full of young women who have not slit any wrists who have slit nothing. They exist by the millions. Find one of them. She can be a Gentile, she can be anything. This is . You don’t live in the old world. Why should you. Date anyone you want, marry anyone you want, do whatever you want with whoever you choose– as long as she’s never put a razor to herself. A girl so wounded as to do such a thing will wipe out everything before your

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