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I’ll say it later. Why not now? It’s not the right time. Not the right time? So when will be the right time? Allow Firmino to die at least. What if Firmino by chance doesn’t die? I also would say. I wouldn’t be able to be quiet longer. Then say it. If you knew what I have to say. Well, say it. Don’t tempt me. I won’t, speak. Sure, but it’s an incredible thing. I don’t know how to tell you. For you, it will be an extraordinary revelation, one of those impossible things, but that are real. What is it? Prepare yourself for the shock. Talk fast. No, not fast. Slowly, to lessen the shock. Start then. I will. I start saying it’s about Ricardo, her first husband and my brother. What about Ricardo? About his death, the way it happened. What could I not know? Something. In fact, I haven’t seen Ricardo’s death, Daniel did. He omitted something? Something important. Important? What? Slowly, Vanda, slowly. Does Vanda know how your husband died? In an accident, wasn’t it? An accident, sure, an accident. We were walking, the two of us. I know. Sure, but you don’t know What? I awoke early that morning, and I read the newspaper. I picked up a copy at the hotel. So I called Ricardo, so he would pick me up at the hotel. We had to deal with urgent matters. I took with me only a white suit, since I would be in Lisbon for a short time. A suit of course, yes, I remember. But so what? What’s this? Because of the mother’s death, Vanda and Ricardo were mourning. Yes, but I don’t understand Wait, let me continue. You don’t understand because you don’t know. I don’t know what? We were at the hotel the day of tragedy. Come in. Is that you, Ricardo. How are you, Daniel? Sit down and read the newspaper. I’ll be at ease. Your friend Adalberto is dead. What did you say? It’s not possible. It was in a sudden, a syncope. The funeral is today at am, we don’t have much time. It was late. I needed other clothes, so we exchanged suits. We wore the same size. So we crossed the lobby, we left and later, after the funeral, we met again. We walked for ten minutes.

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