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Wasn’t the challenge to tell a fairy tale? So why is she talking about her real life? Once upon a time, there was a monkey named Jakjak. This monkey goes to school every morning. What is she on about? Is she talking to herself? And her tone was like, so sleepy. It was very boring. It was the worst kind of vocal fry. Two ants would be louder than you, sweetie. I’m not a straight man. I’m actually . Dad! I will survive! Thank you! Thank you. That was literally a sleeper hit performance. Once upon a time! In China! There was a queen named Kim-Huei. Long live the queen! However, this queen cannot speak a human language. Therefore, she has me as her translator. She says she wants to congratulate Miss Natalia Pliacam for winning the mini challenge and the maxi challenge. She wants me to tell this to Jarjar Binks. Oh, she says never mind, let her stay confused and get sent home. After I hear my name, and then they starting to laugh, like a big laugh. I didn’t think it was a mockery, I think they like me. They’d like me to be the winner, that’s why they talk about me. I think everyone of us came out of this with scratches and bruises. I just wanna ask p’Art this. Did you think it was gonna turn out like this? *T: This is a pun. It’s close to bastard or son of a bitch. I thought I was gonna get to hear Aesop stories but I heard Aesat* instead. The queens were a little too excited and turned their brains into mush. So are we saying there’s no winner? Hold on, hold on. Is there one? There was one queen who got laughs. It felt like a fairy tale. There was a beginning, the end and the interesting twist. The winner of this mini challenge is Dearis Doll! I guess I had to give it up to Dearis Doll today. Just take it. Oh, is that the scent of losers? So we mentioned this yesterday that we’re focusing on the importance of sewing and designing this week. And you’ve shown how awful you all are during the mini challenge. Now it’s time for the maxi challenge. And this challenge will prove whether or not you girls can achieve even worse than you already have.

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