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Or maybe you’ll improve and get better. For this challenge, you’ll be doing a little shopping here. You’ll buy the curtains that are all around you and you’ll create an evening gown. We’re expecting a couture runway. I was surprised to see curtains. I didn’t think we’d have to make a dress out of them. Wow, these challenges are getting harder every week. I was coming up with designs in my head. I was looking around until I found the one that I wanted. The rules are very simple. You will get to choose different curtains. You may use fewer than too, that’s okay. So here’s the fabulous reward for the queen who won the mini challenge, and that is Dearis Doll. She will be the first queen that gets to choose the curtains. I have to say, I am jealous of Dearis Doll because she is won the mini challenge. So she gets to choose the fabric first. The first queen gets to pick the pretty ones. It’s all up to chance. Sometimes going first is worse. Then you’ll choose the next queen to pick the fabric then that queen will continue to pick another queen! Dearis, are you ready? Yes. If you’re ready, go ahead. Red! Dearis gets to go first and she chooses the one I had my eye on. The red one! I wanted something high fashion and fancy. You get to pick the fabric first but your gown can’t compete with mine. So Dearis, who will you select as the next queen to choose the fabric. I’d like to pick Miss B Ella. Thank you! I just badmouthed her. Thank you for choosing me, Dearis. You’re my best friend. So I picked a rose patterned one. The gowns are supposed to be haute couture, right? So I picked something that was floral. My other two are red stripes and red graphic prints. B Ella. Yes? Who will you pass the baton to? Petchra! I just wanted to help out a friend so she could pick something before others. Like, so she won’t have to lipsync again this week. Thank you so much! *T: This is another pun where dok means flowers and also an insult. Oh, bitch! Calm down, sweetie.- Oh, floral.* *T: This is another pun where dok means flowers and also an insult.

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