Radio 1 Tahiti

Radio 1 Tahiti 100.0 FM internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication.

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Your song came on. It was never mine song. So, Tell me, No, Take me home. Where is home? Where do you think ? You tell me the truth now. The truth? The truth is, I’m a creature from the sea, That found her a seal-coat… And buried it, Because she found a family, That she liked. Please. That’s..ehh. That’s one truth. You don’t want to know the other. Try me. Oke. I’m a prisoner and a drug mule from Romania. I said, The real truth. This is the real truth. I was on a boat, With a kilo of heroine in a backpack. The coastguard came Vladic let me swim for it, Vladic. My Selkie husband. Mine Pushtu. (Pimp) He was like a monster, From a fairytale. But, He couldn’t swim. So, He made me take to the water. I was always a good swimmer. But, Your Irish waves wore me down. I swam ’til I could swim no more. Then I floated. Then I sank. It was almost an relief. I said, Here goes.. I die.. And that is the truth. You brought me back to life. I found a caravan, A family. Now its gone okay? The caravan is going nowhere.

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