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back to New York for the last day of the science convention. Hopefully somebody sees these flyers. Hopefully. Yeah, ma. I’ll be there in about minutes. I’m just picking something up at the house. Hey, there’s someone over there. I’ll ask him. Okay, love you too. Hi, excuse me, sir. Yeah? My friend and I are looking for Radio I haven’t seen any dog. My dog. How did you know? What? There’s a dog picture on your flyer. Right. We tracked him down to this neighborhood and we were wondering if you just saw him walking around. This dog? Have I seen him? You sure? What happened to him? We think somebody stole him. What? Stole him? Why would you think that? He wouldn’t have come all the way out here on his own. He would’ve found us by now. Maybe he lost his memory. Maybe he just wandered off, and maybe a really nice family rescued him and saved him and made him happy. Maybe. Think about that. Okay. Thank you. You bet, Tyler. How did you know my name? What? I don’t know. Hey wait. I gotta tell her. I gotta tell her. Okay, there’s no way I’m going to tell her. Everything okay? Yeah. He just seemed a little nervous about something. Don’t worry, we’ll find him. Little help. Not again. I know. Look, Mira, there is a dance tomorrow. Yeah, that’s the spring dance! They do it every year. I try to get my dad to take me, but he never does. Can I take you? Wait, are you asking me to be your dance partner? Sure. Okay! Mira. Hi, Daddy. What are you doing out here? Oh, just showing Mr. Sparky around the neighborhood. Where is your grandma? She’s inside. Hey, mom? Yes? Really? You’re just letting her roam out here all by herself? It’s okay. She has a guard dog. Guard dog. Okay, we’re leaving now. Say goodbye to grandma. Bye, grandma! Bye, Mira! Bye, grandma! Bye, Mr. Sparky! Bye, grand ma. Okay, let’s go. Come on. Are we going to get ice cream? Yeah yeah yeah, we got ice cream at home. We do? I think we do. Come on, let’s get in the car, come on. Yay ice cream! Yay, ice cream. Who wants ice cream? Me! That’s not ice cream. Sure it is. We got ice. Cream. So, did you see the flyers? What flyers? The ones about the spring dance. Oh, the spring dance flyers, right. Oh yeah, I did. I did see those. They were Radio What about them? Mr. Sparky and I wanna go. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Why? I think you and Robo-Dog, your doggy dog, Mr. Sparky dog, should stay inside. Why? You’ve got so many toys that you can show him. Oh, and you could binge-watch all your favorite TV shows that you’ve been missing. I’d rather go to the dance. You can’t go to a dance with a dog. You need an adult. You could take us. Yeah, you could take us! I walked right into that one. Please, please! Oh please please please please? Okay, I’ll take you to the dance. Hooray! I’m gonna go work on my dress. Yay, dance! Yay, dance. Well. This is awkward. What is? I don’t know how to dance. You don’t? No. That’s okay. I have the solution to your incompetence when it comes to dancing. Really? What’s that? I can teach you. You know how to dance? I just learned. Okay, are you ready? Sure. Put your hands up. Like that. Okay. Very good. Now go one two three, one two three. One, two. One two three, Radio Radio one two three. Three one. Hmm, maybe a little faster. One two. One two three. One. One two three. One two three. One Radio Radio two three. One two three. One two three. You almost got it. Try again! One two three, one two three. Do you mind if I assist? Yeah, hop in. Okay, what do I do? Just follow along. I’ll help you. One two three, one two three. Okay, I think I got it. You’re doing great! Keep it up! One two three, one two three. One two three, one two three. I sure hope none of the neighbors are watching. Why is that? Because, two three, this is weird, two three. What is? I’m dancing in my living room with a dog with a guy’s voice. Would you prefer I speak with a female voice? No no no, just your normal voice is fine. Three one two three. You’re doing it! Three one two three. Okay, I think I got it. Spin me! Spin you how? Like this. Yah! Oh, nice. Woohoo! One two three. Now you. Me what? Spin! Me spin? Spin! Okay. One two three. That’s really good. One two three, you’re a better spinner. Thanks. Now bow. Bow? All right, you bow. That’s a good bow. Very good. I do believe you are ready for the dance tomorrow. Yeah, you think so? Affirmative. Thanks. I owe you one. No problem. It is my programming to make Mira happy. I know that you taking Mira to the dance would make her the happiest. Yeah. I guess I haven’t been too attentive lately. It is never too late to spend time with your family, but you should start soon or you may regret how much you missed. Makes a lot of sense. How’d you get to be so smart? I do not know. I wish I did. Hey. There’s something I need to tell you. Oh, what is that, Carson Perry? You can just call me Carson. All right. Good night, Carson. Yeah, good night. Hey, dad. Hey, Tyler. Sorry for calling so late. I had a late session with Dr. Rants. That’s okay. What’s up? I’m just checking in, making sure everything’s okay. Yeah, the science fair was delayed a little. Delayed?

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