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‘Cause that child’s– she’s been through a lot. Kristy: Look at her. Woman: Is that Gypsy? Yeah, when she was normal. I blame myself now for not doing more. I mean, it is what it is. I’m not a “blame yourself” type of guy, but who else is there to look at, you know? Okay. This is– sorry. I didn’t realize they were going to bring you out Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL immediately. This is the new charge– class-A felony of murder in the second degree, and then acting in concert with another who knowingly caused the death of your mother by stabbing her, okay? This is in the case of State of Missouri v. Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Please raise your right hand. Do you swear and affirm that the testimony you’re about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes, sir. Would you state your name for the record, please? Gypsy Blanchard. And how old are you? I’m going to be years old, but . Okay. And how far did you go in school? About the second grade. How do you plead to the class-A felony of murder in the second degree? Guilty. Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL The court finds that there is a factual basis for a plea of guilty. The court accepts defendant’s plea of guilty and finds the defendant guilty thereof beyond a reasonable doubt. She’s to be sentenced to years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. She’ll have to do % of her sentence before she’s eligible for parole.Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL Let’s go off the record. There you are. Patterson: This case is unusual and extraordinary. Gypsy Blanchard endured nearly two decades of systematic, purposeful abuse at the hands of her mother for the purpose of fraud. And so, by amending to murder in the second degree, we were able to both hold Gypsy Blanchard accountable for the murder, which was not justified nor excusable, but yet account for those mitigating circumstances. All of us involved are– it’s a relief. You know, at the very beginning of this, there was the question of the death penalty on the table. Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL Ultimately, it’s the best outcome for her. It’s the best outcome for the State of Missouri and ultimately the right thing to do for everybody. That one’s in this pocket. Ooh. I mean, it’s a murder. There’s nothing we can do about that, so, you know, that has to be dealt with. But ultimately, when you look at the fact that at the end of that / years, when she’s already done a year of that, she’ll be years old. She’ll be three years younger than I am right now. So, I mean, she will actually be able to enjoy just the world. Carr: Do you think years in jail is better than years of living the way that you had to live? Yes, it is. I need to start over like I’m newly born. Honey? Yeah. Green? Yeah. White or green? No, no, no, no, no. It’s my favorite hat. No, other hat. Kristy: I’m holding on to that girl. You know, it’s going to be very emotional. Yeah, you’re a big crybaby. You’re probably gonna cry, too. And then when you’re gonna Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL cry, I’m going to cry because you’re crying, because it’s hard to see grown men cry. I don’t cry. Bullshit. You cry. Hello. Daddy. Oh Radio I’ve missed you. You’re so big. I know! I’m almost as tall as you. So how’s everything going with you health-wise? You good? You feel good? It’s going good, yeah. You’ve been exercising and everything? I’ve been going to the rec yard, been exercising. That’s good. My tube site is finally all healed. It’s gone? That’s good. Looks great. Looks good. All healed up, so Radio Every once in a while, I get a little pain, but I think it’s just phantom pain or something. Yeah. So, are you glad that it’s– I’m happy that it’s over. Yeah. We was– honestly, we was hoping for less. I mean, I know it was your decision and everything. That’s a gamble you take. I mean– Yeah. I look at it like you could’ve got years. I look at it that I could’ve got life in prison, you know? I was hitting a really down point, and it was before– before the plea agreement, before I knew anything about it. I was thinking if I get life in prison and that is what I get, I’m committing suicide right now, you know? I was seriously considering it. Well, baby– ‘Cause I’m like, it could just be over. I just want to make sure you know that if I had done anything wrong, I’m sorry, baby. Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL No, I don’t think you did anything wrong. I think it’s just Mom was very good at what she was doing, and I think you just was completely in the dark. And I don’t– I want you to know I don’t blame you for any of it, either of you. Thank you. I take blame on myself. And I blame other people, but I never once blamed y’all. Don’t blame yourself, sweetie. We blame– I hold enough for myself, you know? Accountability, it’s– but, I mean, we’re not gonna dwell on that. No. No. We’re gonna go forward, and when you get out.. We’ll heal together. Radio you’re still gonna be young. We can have a great relationship. Look, God pulled you through it. Rod: Yeah. You know? The devil don’t got you, baby. God got you. Gypsy: Yeah. And we got you. Give me a hug. Hang in there, baby. You need anything, call any time, okay? Oh, she knows. We’ll come see you again over there, wherever. Just hang tight. Stay strong. We love you. I love you, too. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. It’s okay, baby. You can do it, okay? Just stay strong. You got this far, okay? The rest is gonna be easier. Okay. Okay. Okay? You guys have a safe trip back. Don’t get in no trouble. I won’t. Be good. I’ll be a good girl. Follow the rules. I will. Bye. Set a good example. I will. Radio Adelaide 101.5 Fm RICH & REAL First, “fulcrum”. The point that supports the strength. Next, “the effort point”, the point the strength is taken. The point that have weight is the point of loading. With these points, Nishimiya-san, You are too fast to start. I will teach you the timing, ok? Then, let’s start again from the beginning. How should we do the coming chorus competition? We already lose, don’t we? That’s the penalty for saying weird things! Ouch, ouch! Ouch! So today I missed what teacher said again due to her Radio I’ll lend my notebook. Thank you. I am not wrong. That’s why I will never say sorry. What a poor reading, Ueno. Oh Radio Crap. That’s enough. Next. To the hell, ugly glasses. Nishimiya.

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