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gasps Oh, my God. Who’s your friend with the amazing aroma? Excuse me. I gotta check something out. It’s like a kennel mixed with grease mixed with pizza. Oh! I figured it out. You’re from New York, aren’t you? Hey. Me too. Oh, man! Dang. We are homeys. Wellington Upstill. Big game hunting mostly, although, lately I’ve become weary of the hunt. Looking for someone to do the hunt for me. You know what I mean? Small exotic bears from the Middle Kingdom? Pretty black and white, if you catch my drift. Suspicious? Heck, ya! Someone raided the minibar last night and I swear it wasn’t me. Philippe, is that you? Mon Dieu, Daisy. You look ravishing. There were two doggy chocolates on my pillow instead of three. Yo. …the circuit for five years. Oh. This is my student, Maxwell. Hey. Maxwell, huh? I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Are you new to dog shows? Are you kidding? I mean, I been around the block, you know, and not on a leash, if you catch my drift. I mean, if you were comparing me with the other dogs, I wouldn’t come up lacking, let’s just say that. laughs Hey. Okay. That’s an impressive résumé. clears throat Good luck, Philippe. I’m really glad you’re back. Wow. She’s gorgeous. I bet she cleans up at this thing. announcer Ladies and gentlemen, Canini Invitational’s reigning Best in Show winners, Chauncey Middleton and Dante. Hello, hello. Max Who’s that? That is, uh… Oh, that’s Dante. He’s really cool. He’s won every show since… basically since Philippe went crazy. Oh, man, that was hilarious. laughs Y-You know, Shouldn’t you be locked up? Thank you. Is that my little Philippe? You traitor! Ouch. Get off, you mutt. That is so Philippe. clears throat barking Hey, grandpa, you do not bite my person. Your person stole my dreams and ruined my life. You abandoned me! You abandoned me. Come, Dante. This dog is in desperate need of some training. Or better yet to be “put to sleep.” What did you say to him? laughs Let it go. This competition is of no consequence in the grand scheme of existence. “You only lose what you cling to.

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