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I must be drunk already, telling you this sob story again. I think you were trying to make a point. Well, my point is that we had it too easy. It wasn’t fair what happened to you guys– You guys who picked up where we left off. –with Nixon forcing you out. Nixon, oh, that prick. To think I voted for that prick five times. Hey, it was him or the commies, right? Oh, wow, it’s almost midnight. Gotta go. Truth? You were a better Nite Owl than I ever was, Danny boy. -Hol|is, we both know that’s bull . -Hey. Watch it with the language. This is the left hook that floored Captain Axis, remember? -Yeah. WOMAN [ON TV]: This just in: The masked vigilante known as Rorschach . .has assaulted a police officer in the early-morning hours. Rorschach is on the FBI ’ Ten Most Wanted list . .for violation of the Keene Act, which banned masked heroes six years ago. Rorschach reportedly incapacitated. . Forced everyone out except him. Oh, he’ll quit. When he’s dead. DAN: Next week? HOLLIS: Well . .you know, you don’t have to keep humoring me like this. If you got a hot date or something . Hey, us retired guys have to stick together, right? You ever miss it? No. You? Oh, heck, no. Be seeing you. [METAL SCRAPING] Hello, Daniel. Rorschach. Helped myself to some beans. Hope you don’t mind. No, no. Course not. You want me to heat those up for you? Fine like this. How have you been keeping? RORSCHACH: Out of prison. Heard about you on the news. Say you attacked a cop. RORSCHACH: Minor wound. Won’t need hospitalization. Daniel . .look at this. DAN: Is this bean juice? RORSCHACH: Human bean juice. Badge belonged to the Comedian. Blood too. He’s dead. Let’s talk downstairs. DAN: It could have been a burglary. Maybe the killer didn’t know who the Comedian was. RORSCHACH: An ordinary burglar? Kill the Comedian? Ridiculous. I heard he’d been working for the government since ‘ . .knocking over Marxist republics in South America. Maybe it was a political killing or something. Maybe. Maybe someone’s picking off costumed heroes. DAN: You don’t think that’s a little paranoid? That what they say about me now? Paranoid? DAN: Look, Comedian made a lot of enemies over the years . .even among his friends. RORSCHACH: Speaking of friends, how’s Hollis Mason? He wrote that book. Said some bad things about the Comedian in it. I don’t like what you’re implying, and I like being followed even less. Maybe I was keeping an eye on you, in case someone’s gunning for masks. -You were never that sentimental. -Attack on one is attack on all of us. What do you suggest we do about it? Retribution. -Watchmen are over. -Says Tricky . Says me. Nobody knows who you are. You can give it up, try and have a normal life. That what you have now? A normal life? When you walk down the street in a city dying of rabies . .past the human cockroaches . .talking about their heroin and child graphy . .do you really feel normal? Least I’m not the one still hiding behind a mask. No. You’re hiding in plain sight. Be seeing you, Dan. A maintenance hatch will let you out two blocks north. Yeah, I remember. Came here Often, when we were partners. DAN: Those were great times, huh, Rorschach? -What happened? -You quit. Rorschach ‘s journal. First visit of evening fruitless. Feel slightly depressed. Soon there will be war. Millions will perish in sickness and misery. Why does one death matter against so many? Because there is good and evil, and evil must be punished. Even in the face of Armageddon . .I will not compromise in this. But there are so many deserving of retribution . .and so little time. [GASPS] MAN: Captain. -Captain. -Ridley. Ridley, have you seen any other survivors? No, sir. Captain, my foot is caught in some of the wreckage. -lt’s pulling me under. -Hold on. Ridley. [SCREAMS] Ridley. Ridley. No. No. VOICES [CHANTING]: More blood, more blood, more blood. MARINER: Delirious from nearly drowning, I saw it. The Black Freighter. The hell-bound ship ‘ black sails against the yellow Indies sky. I knew again the stench of powder and men’s brains and war. VOICES [CHANTING]: More blood, more blood,

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