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Listen, I got to go. Do you think you can put mommy on the phone? You can’t keep doing that, Travis. Making promises you don’t keep. I’m making more money this week We don’t need the money. We need you. Now you’re not home because of this company. Kate, please, I can’t keep having this conversation. All right? Please? Travis, let’s go! Travis! . Let’s go. What’s happening? I’m fine. I’m sorry. Where are you going? You don’t want to open that door. You know, I know the team that’s bringing in your son. They’re very good. We’re going to have to get creative. Your wife and son? Yes. All right, I’ve got somebody we need to go see. Travis Conrad. At : in the morning. What can I say? I missed you, pal. Yeah, I wish I could say the same. Who’s your friend? Amahle, lin. Lin, amahle. We met in ‘, back in happier times. Yes, when we were both real soldiers. You know, we call him Travis the cat, because he has nine lives, he always lands on his feet, and licks his balls. And now this stray has wandered into my home at this time. For what? What do you know about red mountain? They provide a lot of assistance here. Money for sanitation, training, youth programming. Over the past two years, hundreds of refugees have gone missing. My sister, please. Tell me something i don’t know. They were abducted and murdered by red mountain. Used for experiment on medical procedures. Real Mengele-type shit, you know? Human beings used as lab rats. You know there are a lot of people in this township, people that work for me, whose families have gone missing. Come, let’s go for a drive. You’re late. Call it in. All right, the rest of you, let’s hustle. Base, this is retrieval team leader. We’re en route on November two, approaching mews way. We’ve got what looks like a car fire on the main road. Requesting permission to reroute. Permission granted. Just get your passenger to base asap. Units and , we’re taking a detour around this mess. Is that Travis Conrad? , man. Units and , dismount, but let me handle this. Hey, man, what’s your name again?

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