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We may waive the provinces with a Muslim majority one Jinnah får ikke og Punjab Bengal. There are large groups of Hindus and Sikhs. Then we divide the two provinces between the two countries. Half of Punjab and Bengal to India and the other half to Pakistan. A division. And which of you must decide where the line be drawn? They even talked about compromise beauty. The beauty of this compromise will be that it brings peace. The calluses on my feet, years in prison our people’s hopes and dreams were about independence. Not sharing. No one listens to Gandhiji. Mountbatten and Nehru agreed that Pakistan will be formed. Praise be to Allah. Long Live Pakistan. Our sisters must go into hiding because of you beast. All religions are true. We are brothers with one soul. To divide us on religious grounds is contrary to God’s will. Divisions will not bring peace. It creates destruction. Sharing arouses anger rather than dampen it. We will tear ourselves to pieces in our mother’s womb. It is not appropriate in the viceroy’s house. In’re both dismissed. No, Mohsin. Get your belongings. The guards will escort you out. We are guards. It is you who do not belong here. I will have you both arrested. Get them out. Back to work. Come on. It’s worse than Glasgow on Saturday night. Tak, see min. Tak. What happened to Ewart and staff? It was awful. I just spoke with Pug. Going to London with him? We must come up with good arguments, as the government supports a platoon and speeds up the process. Otherwise the blood blade. Have you decided on a division? It is the only way forward. We’ve been here for two months. And the country is in flames. You will not regret the decision. I have to act. You can not change course so quickly. People are dying every day, Edwina. Murder, rape and retaliation from Calcutta to Bombay. Imagine it in all of India’s cities. How long do I have to wait? How can it be worse now? We have no control over it. But we have a solution in sight. But a platoon. It seems like a good solution now, but Radio It’s hard enough to negotiate with them, Edwina. I support you. But you condone it. It you do not need. I must persuade the Prime Minister, Churchill and the opposition. We came to give India its freedom, not tear the country to pieces. We have no choice. If we do not soon return power, it is too late. DEPUTY KING HOME FOR CONSULTATION Viceroy need for consultation regarding the withdrawal from India. Hopefully find viceroy a solution. With the escalation of violence in Punjab transfer a huge problem. Issued curfew in Lahore and Calcutta and large parts of Bengal and Punjab are uncertain. The situation is critical in Rawalpindi and the surrounding villages. We know that some of you have family in these areas. They must come here. There will be found lodgings for them and the food will be rationed. It is made counseling available. Pamela. Jeg er her. The child has a high fever. He’s dehydrated. In some cases you will be allowed to pick your family. I must go home. The refugees have told horrific stories. Wait. The violence has been caused by uncertainty. If the English do as Mountbatten says, so will the violence stop. Do you believe him? Which country will our village lie in? What if Pakistan? Madness and hatred has taken root. Soldiers deserting. Men from other cities forming militias. They want our land. Then I’ll go with you. No. You must be here. What if they leave and come here? You stay here, and then I leave. Set det har her? Mountbatten returns with a PLAN FOR SHARING Welcome home, father. Tak, my own. How was Westminster? Cool. The cabinet agreed to the plan. We can accelerate independence. What about Churchill? He accepted the plan. He was very complimentary and pointed out that Dickie in a short time has achieved what Wavell and all the former viceroys were not successful with. The government and the press calls the Mountbatten Plan. Well done. Mountbatten plan. How will you stop the violence? Is Pakistan the solution? How will you stop the increasing violence? Sir. Nehru, just a moment. Supports the Congress party you? How does India freedom? Mountbatten PRESENTS PEACE PLAN Why is Gandhi here not? He apologizes, but he does not condone Mountbatten Plan. Will he oppose it? He has informed me that today is his tavshedsdag. Why this haste? I would have the entire Punjab and Bengal. Should I accept a moth-eaten Pakistan? You should be grateful. You have kept us hostage long enough. I chair the meeting and demand that we respect each other. The British cabinet has approved the Partition of India. After this meeting, I expect that all sides accept the plan. Impossible. It will take a week to get the Muslim League’s approval. I can not wait a week. They’ve got Pakistan, which nobody had expected. If I do not get your consent, drops plan apart and the country in which they have conjured up, will disappear. What limits? Who determines them? Where is this Pakistan exactly? Sir Cyril Radcliffe is appointed to lead the Boundary Commission. He is assisted by members of the Muslim League and the Congress party. It is said that tea has a cooling effect in hot weather.

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