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Kennedy was at her husband’s side, while surgeons administered an emergency blood transfusion. But it was not possible to save the President’s life. We will be br . (RADIO SWITCHED OFF) MILLER’S VOICE: Events that can change history sometimes hang on tiny chances. If I hadn’t pulled to the kerb that night I wouldn’t have caught the traffic light, nor seen the ambulance, never have heard of Salomon Tauber or Eduard Roschmann, nor got involved with the agents of Israel, or with the sinister and deadly men behind the Odessa. That night I was just a reporter with a nose for a possible story. (BLARING SIREN) (ANOTHER SIREN) Press! Sorry, you can’t go in there. What’s going on? Ask at the police station. MILLER: Karl! Hello! Put it away. It’s nothing. What happened? Suicide. An old man gassed himself. It’s not worth two lines. Did you hear about Kennedy? Ja. Just a second. All right. What have you got there? Some of the old man’s rubbish. Put it on my desk. Right. MILLER: People are dying all over the world tonight, but all anyone will want to read about tomorrow is Kennedy. Ja. Well, I’d better be going, Peter. Keep out of trouble. (HORN HONKING) MAN ON RADIO: On board the plane taking John Kennedy’s body to Washington, the new President was sworn in. In a voice shaking with emotion, a woman judge from Dallas gave him the official oath to speak. Mrs Kennedy still wore the bloodstained dress in which she had held her dying husband in her arms. That’s so terrible. You know what you could get for the photograph of the man firing those shots? With syndication rights, maybe two million marks. What a thing to say at this moment. You’re a very scary person. What did I say? You don’t know what you said? You’re a parasite! You live off other people’s troubles. Oh, it’s the old job conversation once again. Is that what it is? Come on, Sigi. I’m tired. I’ve been working all night. And what is it, your work? Dancing around half-naked in front of a lot of old men! I earn more in a week than you do in a month! Anyway, they’re not old.

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