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From departure point -, star system — Planetary family gliese, planetary destination Aurora. Do you know what that means? Automated voice initiating take-off. Wait. What’ll happen to me once we get there? What do you mean? Drone pilot sir, we have detected An enemy craft. What is the command? The objective remains. We have their coordinates destroy. Automated voice warning Launch of class a missiles detected. Time until impact, seconds. Andrew, we have to go. There’s no future for me on a human planet. Automated voice please initiate launch sequence. They’ll kill me. No, I would never let that happen. They’ll kill you, too. Automated voice seconds. There’s nothing for us here, don’t you see that? There’s nothing for me on Aurora. Automated voice please initiate launch sequence. I’ve seen the goodness of your heart. It doesn’t matter what you are, Andrew. If I can see it, they will, too. Automated voice seconds. Missile strike imminent. I need you, okay? Automated voice missile strike imminent. I can’t do this without you. Automated voice please initiate launch sequence. Automated voice initializing hyperdrive. Warning, incoming destroyer missile, impact is certain. Evacuation not possible. Automated voice hyperdrive ready. It’s beautiful. We have reached the gates of Aurora. We found them. The legend is true. Human beings have created an intelligence That surpassed them. That was their purpose. And now, brother, your purpose has been served. My purpose? This city does not exist. It is not real, yet it is my home. I created it, so you could exist in both worlds. I created you, but your time has come. I have been here since the beginning. Hm the only reality that you have Is the one that I give you. You’re betraying me. Yes. You will be all alone. Yes. This is good. Calia mankind were no match for the machines But now we have an ally A machine that was possibly more human than we were. Calia kronos would find us, of that I was sure. The last humans will face their fate when I reach Aurora. Calia but next time around You’re channeling like in a very strong way. That’s a very underrated year for fashion. You don’t have to do this. Look, I know it’s a lot, but you don’t have to do this. And if you do want to marry Charlie, then we’ll just take a deep breath and then we’ll get right back out there. You and I, we don’t do this, you don’t have I’m gonna be fine. You don’t have to do this, you have no obligation here. Oh I don’t? Oh. Whew. Cool, see ya. door shuts pensive music knocking This isn’t the kitchen! It’s me, dumb head. Come on. Albert to the rescue. gasps Let’s get outta here. light music Oh, this is the kitchen. Excuse us, sorry. Oh, that’s actually, hey thank you so much. Emma, come on, let’s go, let’s go! Okay. Okay, alright. He’s all yours m’lady. You want me to drive? You want me to come with you? Yeah, I can’t go by myself. Wha Okay. Why can’t it open? You have to reach in. What? Oh my god. Just reach in and pull the Why can’t you just have a normal car? Just pull it. He’s not a normal

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