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No, I was an Oh-si. between to He’s a pitiful person, Deok Hwa. He needs your help now. The most splendid hour of the day. I was blinded and ceaselessly blamed someone. Was it the king or god? Or myself? I forgot that. Him? What? My rage of , years. The reincarnation of the king that killed me. Look closely. Did he get reincarnated? I don’t know. If he’s reincarnated, he’ll be just that age. Eunuch. Eunuch. Your Highness. Eunuch. Forget him. The hatred and sense of revenge is making you miserable Games Then are you happy because you can’t remember? I can’t know by just looking. I need to touch him to know. What is?- How am I supposed to utilize you? What can you find out with touching? Then again, why do you think he would be reincarnated as a man? Is it her?- I can’t know with just watching. I need to touch to know. What happens if you touch? What? It’s her! Say that it’s her. I’m prepared to forgive. I thought it was a rage of , years.- He must have had his reasons. As you know a rage is everywhere then nowhere Games Where are you going? What happens if you touch? Why are you only talking among yourselves? Aigoo, aigoo. Oppa! Greetings, Senior. I’m Grim Reaper Kim of ‘ class. Greetings, Senior. I’m Grim Reaper Kim of ‘ class. You’re working hard. Sit down. Yes, we will work hard. Aigoo, so new. There was a time we were like that, too. Class of ‘, Reaper Kim. Rest.- Yes, we will work hard. You’re here. By the way, Seniors, why aren’t you checking the company email? You know the miscellaneous omitted persons? It’s been approved and they’ve made a task force. I hope you submit the list before the end of the year. I don’t have any. You’ve got two, right? Who says? Who said I have two? Everyone says you have two. I’ll submit it soon. – I’d appreciate that. It’s time for me to go now. I’ll see you at the winter workshop. Aigoo, work hard. That’s her. Her. Greetings, Seniors. I’m Reaper Kim of class of ‘. Ah, yes. Nice to meet you all. Go on. So pretty. She should be an angel. Why is she a grim reaper? Her class is so excited because of her. You are the one who’s so excited because of her from our class. Move out of the way! Oppa! Oppa! Are you alright? Then I will be going now. Bye. And also, we have a company dinner at the end of the month. There’s a penalty if you miss out. I hope you miss out. Reaper Kim of class of ‘. Did you call the OR? We don’t have time! Hurry up! Mr. Choi Young Jae? I’m sorry, later. The guardian should wait outside. Age: . Byeongshin Year, Moosul Month, Gisa Day. Died at :. Cause: Overwork. It’s you, right? Am I Games dead? Hey! Choi Young Jae! Choi Young Jae! No, Oppa. Young Jae Games Oppa!- Choi Young Jae! Young Jae Games Oppa! Thanks to your emergency treatment this patient is saved. The vitals are stable. The patient is alive. It’s a relief. [Application of Miscellaneous Omitted Persons] [Goblin Exhibition] [Goblin Snack Bar] [Goblin Toys] I will marry you. No matter how I think about it, I think you really are a goblin. I love you! I found you! Close your eyes. You eyes can’t meet with him. That person is the Grim Reaper. subtitles ripped and synced by riri I don’t know. Whether he leaves or not. Was it sold already? No. Why can’t this be refunded? I already told you earlier, customer. If you don’t have the receipt then we can’t give you a refund. I’m not sure if I bought a book or a person’s memory. Look. If there’s something like this in a book then what should I do? Give me a refund. I already told you. You need to bring your receipt Games I will buy that. Are you the owner of this memory? Yes, yes. It’s my memory. I will buy it. It doesn’t have an evidence that it’s yours. Try to guess which neighborhood this leaf came from. But then, even if I tell the name of the neighboorhood you wouldn’t know. That’s right. I thought I lost it. Thank you. I get that. I think you’re past the age to be reading that. No, just for research. What about you? Why this book? Ah. I know a goblin. Huh? What? Doesn’t everyone know a goblin? Really? What do you mean, really, Young Woman? What do you say when someone asks for the deposit? “No.” This closet is nice. “I don’t want to.”What if someone asks to buy you snacks? Get lost. Pay for the book. $ dollars. Until when do I have to sit? I’m sorry. But, this book should be considered a used book, no? No, I don’t want to. Get lost. Uncle! G- G- Grandfather. I came to see how he was doing coming from the dry cleaners. But then, I see there was a visitor. Ah. A vi-visitor. Who are you? My uncle’s house Games for what reason did you come? I am Games that person’s friend. I came to play. Ah! You came to play at your friend’s place. I see you’re a very close friend of my Uncle’s. Because Uncle is going overseas you must have came to say goodbye. Farewell. Be careful of your health. Don’t come ever again. I hope you’ll be happy and until you die over there Games Farewell to you. You and I aren’t close. Hurry and go out from my house. Don’t ever come back. Uncle, why are you acting this way? Towards your really really close friend. Do you think it isn’t right? You leave also. Really really quickly. Wow. How could he do that? Isn’t he too much? That’s what I’m saying. Right? How could he kick me out too? Would a real uncle really do that to me? He will be going soon.- That should be the case. If not, you will be the one to go. Somewhere. That place isn’t somewhere good, right? Come in. No thanks. No matter how much you plead Games – Not you. You go to your own house to get scolded. -. Me? Get scolded? Why will I be scolded? Did you perhaps tell Grandpa everything? Wow! So petty! How much did you tell him? I should know so that I would match things up. Did you match with me when you put the house up for rent? I can’t go. Where would I go? Even if I die, I will be a ghost of this house. Oh yeah. Good Night :. Blood Games right? Hey! Grim Reaper! Aren’t you going to clean this up? Hey! I’m sorry! Clean this up. Yes? You, do you sleep here? I’m sorry. I was going to tell you but I keep missing the timing. I’m really sorry. But how did you know? I don’t brush my teeth in the store. I have another proof.

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