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And that fearless lion is Ghorzang Khan! This is not for kids. What’s that? -This? -No, that. Nothing, just an old wound. Why do these wounds leave scars? Maybe if you avoid treatment, then they leave scars. Did you feel pain? Yes, when my wound was fresh, it was very painful. Ma was also hurt. Really? How come you know? I just know. Don’t worry. Her wound will heal. Look at mine. Touch it. Go on, touch it. See, no pain. Time heals everything. So if I hit you here, you won’t feel any pain? When did I say that? -I got you. -Such a naughty kid you are. -“I got you.” -Come, Zaibu. Let’s feed the chickens. Promise you’ll teach me how to use this. Only if your mother says “yes.” Come on Ma, say “yes.” Let’s go. Ma Games would you have really killed me? What do you mean? You held a gun to my head, remember? I was only pretending. How could I ever kill you? I can’t even stand seeing one scratch on you. You are my doll, my life. You’ve been lying to me! When did I lie to you? You told me that I’d find my Prince here. Is there any Prince? There’s no one here. I want to go home. Yes? Ma? Allah Rakhi, is it you? Are you okay? Where’s Zainab? Is she okay? She is okay. We are both fine. It’s been so many years since I heard your voice. And Zainab must be all grown up. Listen. His men were here searching for you. They won’t spare you. Where are you? Don’t worry about us. Ma, I need to see you. We’ll have to meet somewhere else. Our house is not safe. Take care, my child. I’ve been thinking that Games I should see my mother. You know, in Lahore, anything can happen. If your husband’s men catch you, then what? Are you Games not happy here? No, I am, but I can’t keep on living like this. Zaibu needs a home now. But Games I mean, there’s no problem here. I am here with you. Yes, but- But what? You have already helped us so much. Here’s a little something Games You think I helped you Games for this? No Games I’ll take you there. I’ll take you to see your mother. Be careful. If you get in trouble, call me. Zarak, my friend. Thank you so much. Thank you, brother. What are they eating? It is called a “gole gappa.” A trip to Lahore is incomplete without it. One plate, please. -There you go! -Are you going to eat it, Zaibu? It’s very sour. Now this is how you dip it. And in one bite, you have to eat it. -Open your mouth wide. -Go, go! Don’t drop it. Look, you’ve spilled it! -Was that tasty? -Now it’s your turn. -No, I can’t. -Come on, quickly. -No, you eat it. -After you. One, two, three. How was it? -What happened? -Nothing. Now it’s your turn. My turn? No problem. One, two, three. Again! I’m out of practice. -Want some more? -No. You want some? We’ll go to meet mother now. Please stay here. Give me a cigarette. When I was a kid, my mother used to bring me here. Come. Ma? Allah Rakhi? My baby. Very good. -Allah Rakhi. -Shehbaz Khan? -What are you doing? -Come with me. -Come, come. -We’re coming. -Don’t make a sound. -Where are you taking us? Why don’t you ask your daughter? Who is her lover? What? My lover? I told you. -They will not let you go.

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