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Ya-sho. Hi, Nagatsuka-kun. Good morning. Are you ok? Ya-sho. Why you are looking downward? Oh, really? I don’t know why. Actually I came here to raise my face to meet you all. But I might be a bit scared Games Hey, Ya-sho..? Ishida-kun!! I’m really really happy you came back. If you Games oops, If you didn’t wake up, I would have lost everything. Ya-sho, Don’t mind any more about what happened at the bridge. Such minor troubles will happen again and again as long as we live. So, Ya-sho, please, please, never be far from me! Pleeeease! Nagatsuka-kun. I’m very sorry for so many things. And, thank you. Ya-sho! By the way, what’s happened to your mustache? This was a praying icon for your recovery. Nagatsuka-kun. Huh? Why is everyone here.. We heard Nagatsuka-kun’s calling Ishida-kun’s name. I see. Kawai-san. You have the you-know-what to give him, don’t you? Huh Games yes, I have. but it was a failure, so we cannot give him that Games Why not? Let’s give it to him. Ok Games This is.. “thousand paper cranes” I really worked hard to collect a thousand, but I couldn’t! It is far less than a thousand Games I asked all the classmates again and again, but.. I’m very sorry. N–No, it’s amazing! It’s enough. I’ve never gotten anything like this before, and I am really happy. Thank you Kawai-san. And, I am sorry. I’m sorry too, Mashiba-kun. Not at all. You are amazing. Ugh You are becoming friends, that makes me sick! You are always so nasty saying such things, Nao-chan! Oh? Kawai-tchi? Time to fight? Hey, stop it, both of two! Oh Games Ishida-kun. I’m sorry, Ishida-kun. You have been through so much, while I have not changed a bit. Don’t say so. I have not changed, too. Hey, let’s not talk about anything negative or serious now!. You said sorry again! But, I suppose that is your personality. Stu–pit! (Ha / ka) Stu–pid. (Ba / ka) Stupid! (Baka!) Ah.. Pff! Hey, I’m now hungry. I’m going out to have fried chicken! Oh, she ran away. No, she got embarrassed. Hi, everyone, I have a favor to ask you all. Is it ok? I want to go around the school festival together. Hummm, it tastes really good! Let’s go to the gymnasium next! I’m amazed he can even show his face at school. Hey, hey, the stall by class #B is really good! Really? Let’s go together! “Fell in love as” Ah Games I fell in love Games Well, please raise your face Then you can see I am here in front of you So stop crying any more You gave me special time even when my heart had been broken A red which was a bit tangled A white which was a color of corridor at that days Beginning, last time, and now I’ll convey you carving on petals which are fluttering Darling I and you reflected on raindrops No one in the world knows Ah Games I fell in love Games I don’t remember since when How many times I cried If I count it, it will take whole night I’ll be puzzled Games Darling What I want to convey to you now has been same and not changed since the past times. Darling The only one signpost I have not planned for a dance party, but if my friends arrange Games Mr. Sobers, We need to talk to Anushku about the script. Anushku never talks to anyone either in person or over the phone! Anushku is a famous novelist, we want people to know more about him through our movie. leave his fans, even I do not even know if Anushku is a male or female! We can find the gender easily, nowadays medical technology is so advanced.. Cant you say it just by removing the undies ? Medical technology it seems Games idiot.. Even I have not seen Anushku, neither have I talked to him. Then how are you publishing his Novels ?! He sends everything via post. Then you must have his address right ? If I have to send him, I send it to the post box address which he has given. Can I get the post box address ? Sandhya right?, I will let him know about you, lets see what he says.. Is the breakfast not ready yet, give me at least poison instead. Okay, thank you Games We will leave now.. What are you doing there stupid! Give me your blessings sir Go to hell. Gautham, I just took a bath, take your sweaty hands off me. dont worry, you can take a bath again Dont irritate me, go take bath. You will come behind me after bathing, It will be my turn to take revenge on you. May be in your dreams. I proofread the final draft of your novel. I have printed the address on the envelop. Gautham, at least wash your hands before eating something. Lion never washes hand before eating. Even monkey does not wash. I have put all the printouts in that cover, you only have to finalize the cover painting. Is the painting ready ? Show me Go take bath first. I will hug you if you dont show me now okay okay “Harini”, whose is this Harini ? A neighbor had come, It is her dairy. She might have forgotten it here. I will take a peek in her dairy. You are not supposed to read other’s dairy . See here, a painting which matches your novel’s title. Rangitaranga! A wave of life, Happy when you are up, sad when you are down- Rangitaranga . Even I had not put so many thoughts into it. go take bath.. I am going to have breakfast now, your son is hungry! Indu, are you going have bath again after breakfast ?

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