Radio Hit 94.9 Fm Wheatbelt

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They all have become crazy! Stop! Stop now! Sir, please! Sir! Calm down! Let me out! What are you doing? That’s dangerous! Stop this damn vehicle! What’s the problem? What happened to him? Stop! Let me out! Release it! Sir, that’s dangerous! Stop, I said! Grab him! Pull him off there! We’ll get killed! Son of a ! bastard! I have to run away from here Radio We must get out of this place. We have to pass through here Radio Through here Radio Quick! Quick! Pass through below, quick! Your turn, hurry! Sir! Go! Quick! Hey, you bums! You are too noisy, bums! You get out together? That makes me sick! Everyone makes me sick! The world has gone to , nothing good to live for anymore! Die! Die, all of you! Ma’am? What happened to you? Don’t leave me. No signal. What can I do now, Ki-woong? Ki-woong Radio It’s too quiet. Hey. Call her. Yes, sir. I cannot reach her. I’ll go check out the emergency room, don’t go anywhere, OK? Yes, I can do that. Too quiet Radio Nobody around Radio EMERGENCY Don’t do that, sucker. Mister Radio Kill him! Kill him! Seriously! Quick! Jump in! Go! Quick! Sir, quick! Shut-up! Try call her. Yes, sir. Where could she have been? Your call could not go through Radio No connection! Damn it! Mister Radio You are a man, right? We have to run away, far from here. Sir, I want to go home. I have only met bad people. The bar has only made my debts grow Radio Ki-woong, my boy-friend, he and my dad are looking for me. We have to run far, far away Radio I got to go home. I want to go home! Go home? Me too. I want to go home. But I have no home! I want to go home! Daddy! What happened? How can we find her? We have to find a place above the city. OK. Which way? I think that way. There! We’re almost there! We’re near! There must be people over-there. We must go farther, much farther. Oh, no! Look at that car Radio There! Ki-woong Hye-sun! Ki-woong! Hye-sun, are you OK? Ki-woong, help me, go find me! Stay calm, OK? Where are you? I am Radio At Station Hoehyeon, Exit , come quick! What’s the matter? Hoehyeon, where is it? Hoehyeon? Do it fast! There! The Hoehyeon station! Hye-sun, we’re coming, stay where you are, all right? How can I stay here? It’s very dangerous! Go find some place to hide! Hello! Hello! What happens now? Hye-sun! Hye-sun! Damn it! Hey! Over here! Run! Come on! Quick! Climb up! Be quick! Son of a ! Get lost! Bunch of assholes! Hello? Ki-woong? Hello? Hello? Hye-sun! Please leave a message Radio It’s disconnected. ! Let’s search the station, hurry! This is an illegal gathering. Disperse, or we will have to use force. Disperse, or we will have to use force. That’s the end Radio Everything’s gone to Radio I need back-up! Send all you can! What happens here? We have to go to Hoehyeon, can we pass through? Go away, go back. I beg you! We have to go there! Stay away! Get lost, we’re in an emergency now! Tell us. What is happening here? There are un-infected people down there! That’s a state of emergency! You cannot go in there! Son of Radio Back off! People down there could die! Please let us go through! What a pain! Stay away! What a rash! What’s the racket here? They want to go to Hoehyeon station. Pardon? Sir, my girl friend is trapped down there. I have to look for her. Please let us through. Just us, OK? Do us a favor, please. We must wait for the order. Please leave, all right? You intend to let people die? Please take your son and go away! Make them go. Go away, quick! You think you are the police? A bunch of invalids! What are you doing? Don’t move, bastard! Let me go! Don’t move, asshole! We are having a crisis now! Are you all right? He has Radio a gun Radio Hey, hey. All’s well! Put away your weapon. Listen, the whole situation is rather unusual. The martial law could have been declared. Go home, and watch the news. You understand? Go home. Get lost, damn ! Break up! ! Go away! You all right? She bit him, he will turn shortly. It’s just a scratch, I’m fine. It’s a small bite, all right? What do we do now? I’m OK. This is an illegal gathering. Scatter and go home. Why it has stopped working?

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