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regaining the coin for the good of humanity. What do you think, Professor? Well, I agree with the general I think the chances are excellent that the coin will be found. Bye, General. Thanks again for your hospitality Thank you for overlooking the unfortunate circumstances of our first meeting. That’s a private joke, gentlemen. Our congratulations again. I know that you two are going to be very happy. Goodbye, sir. Come, Mrs. Jones We have time for just one short visit before we catch the plane. Visit? With whom? Someone that we both should meet, I think Goodbye, sir. Goodbye. Gentlemen. Goodbye, General .what are the chances the Russians will actually attack the United States? Pat Buchanan. Zero. The Soviets would never risk going to war . .when we have a walking nuclear deterrent on our side. You’re referring, of course, to Dr. Manhattan . .but does Dr. Manhattan’s existence guarantee world peace? Eleanor Clift. Well, it hasn’t stopped the Soviet Union . .from stockpiling record amounts of nuclear weapons. You don’t think it’s just posturing? Maybe the reason why the Soviets . .are doing these bomb tests . .is because they feel threatened by Dr. Manhattan. Of course. Maybe the whole world feels like that. [MTV THEME “MAN ON THE MOON” PLAYS ON TV] Soviet ships have violated the territorial waters– [NAT KING COLE’S “UNFORGETTABLE” PLAYS ON TV] Just a matter of time, I suppose. [GRUNTING] [YELLS] [CHUCKLES] It’s a joke. It’s all a joke. Mother, forgive me. [ARGUING INDISTINCTLY] SALLY: l was a hero, goddamn it! MAN [ON TV]: –an act clearly meant to send a signal to the government in Saigon . .that violence and oppression is not the way to peace. MAN : you, pigs! MAN : Good luck, Mr. Gorsky. MAN: Get out of here, vigilantes! [CHATTERING] No! [SIRENS WAILING] GALLAGHER: Edward Blake. Sixty-seven years old. Six-two, a solid . Guy was built like a linebacker. FINE: Yeah, I saw the body. For a guy his age, he was in terrific shape. GALLAGHER: You mean apart from being dead? That’s plate glass. You‘d have to step on the gas just to put a crack in it. Had to have been thrown. Check the bedroom? Yeah. Drawers opened, tossed through. Mattress flipped. Probably robbery. Or made to look like one. See this? -Shaking hands with the president. FINE: Whoa. Think Blake was a spook? Government or black ops? GALLAGHER: I think . .this is way bigger than both of us. RORSCHACH: Rorschach’s journal, October th, . Dog carcass in alley this morning. Tire tread on burst stomach. This city’s afraid of me. I’ve seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters . .and the gutters are full of blood. And when the drains finally scab over . .all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their and murder . .wi/l foam up around their waists . .and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, “Save us. ” And I’ll whisper, “No. ” Now the whole world stands on the brink . .staring down into bloody hell. All those liberals and intellectuals . .and smooth talkers . .and all of a sudden, nobody can think of anything to say. Beneath me, this awful city. Lt screams like an abattoir full of retarded children . .and the night reeks of fornication and bad consciences. Huh. Tonight, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why. Somebody knows. [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [ELEVATOR DOOR OPENS] No, I definitely heard something. Watch the door. [GRUNTS] Shh. Must’ve been the wind. Next time you– MAN: It all started with the gangs. You know, people tend to forget that. Pirate outfits, ghosts. They thought it was funny: dress up and pull heists. [MAN CHUCKLES] As soon as we’d arrest them, they’d be back on the street. Nobody could pick them out of a lineup because of the damn masks. So a few of us cops, we get together . .and we figure, what the heck, we’ll mask up, too. We’ll finish what the law couldn’t. Pretty soon, the papers get wind of it. They ran with it . .and oh, boy, we’re a national pastime. It was me, Dollar Bill, Mothman . .Captain Metropolis, Hooded Justice . .Silk Spectre and the Comedian. Oh, don’t get me started on him.

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