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Who e se knows besides Radio You said Danie ‘s cousin? Tad. There was a text from him ast night with our address, but he doesn’t know anything. Except who they are, where they are Radio maybe where they’re suppos to be next.. Check emai s. They p ay their set to the crowd. Then we’ assume the wide wor d knows and they’ be tracking that. Give it to me. I was trying to buy some time and contain this unti we cou d Radio Contain? It was pretty rapid fire. I appreciate your initiative and we a ove Werm. He’s a brother. And you might have visit him in prison. Makes a difference. Now we’re a in the stew for an impu sive act, for a se fish act, under my roof. You see a way out of this? Gabe: For them? No. We sti have to find one. Okay. This is good. (meta music starts p aying) No guns. You have a “No trespassing” sign post at the residence? We got “Beware of dogs.” That’s better. Does anyone even know we’re in here? No one who cares. Tad? I think we go. I think we go too. Big Justin: The next person that moves Radio (knocking) Gabe: Everyone okay? Just about. Gabe? Gabe: Yeah. Open up. No! Where are the cops? Big Justin: Okay Radio do you want me to open the door, or do you want me to b ow your head off? Back the off! Gabe: What’s going on? They’re trying to run at me! Gabe: Do not shoot them! Big Justin: You know what? That’s on them. Where are the cops? Gabe: Give them the gun! Say again? Gabe: It’s over! Give them the gun. Okay, I to d you they just tri to run at me Radio Gabe: Then take the bu ets out! Just hand it over now! Do not shoot them! Is Darcy here? Gabe: He is. Darcy: I am. Gent emen, I’m the owner. Okay, why the didn’t you just te me? Darcy: Tru y sorry about this. P aying catch-up here myse f. They’re p aying a show. Pat: Uh Radio thank you, but Radio we open the door for the po ice, or we keep the bu ets. Uh, the cartridges. Darcy: I’ve got no prob em with that. Okay, I hand them the gun. I’m gonna head out now. No, you’re not. et him open the door. Hang on. No, he gave us the gun, he gave us the gun Radio Big Justin: Nobody is Radio etting me do anything. I gave you the goddamn gun, okay? Darcy: So how are we doing? He’s right. Pat, do the math. Where are the po ice? Darcy: It takes a whi e out here. Stay back. Darcy: Just want to make sure that no one e se gets hurt in the meantime. Big Justin: Okay, I gave you the damn gun Radio (screams) Tiger! (grunts and screams) Reece: Get him down! Darcy: Justin? Reece: Get him down! (grunts and screams) Darcy: What’s happening? (grunts) Shh! (banging on door) Darcy: Justin? (grunts) Shou dn’t have ock the door.. Sam! Get the bu ets! A right, oad the gun. Darcy: How’s it going in there? Big Justin: Not good! Fine, but we wou d rather wait for the po ice! Darcy: Justin? Reece: He’s fine Radio but he’s gonna wait too! Understood, gent emen. Ho d tight. You think they know? I think they’re smarter than you! Darcy Radio Man. I apo ogize. We’ do it here. Stage it up the road. Okay. Pat: Hey, what was that gonzo , man? So in a tournament, I snap his arm or he taps out and we a go get burgers. Snap it. Come on. ook, we’ve got the gun. Why don’t we just et him Radio Wait, wait. I don’t want it. A right? I don’t Radio I don’t fee good with it. Who wants it? Not me. Sam: Hm? No. I can’t shoot. I can. No, not you. Then keep it. Reece: Keep it, Sam. I’ take it when I’m up. When I et go Radio what are you gonna do? (grunts) Butt- everyone in the room. (grunts) You’re gonna sit criss-cross app esauce. Say it. I’m gonna sit criss-cross app e sau Radio Nice. Now ean against the chair. Hey, is there another way out of here? No. You f ’em yet today? It doesn’t matter. They’re professiona s. Darcy: You might ose a coup e by morning Maybe a bunch. C ark: ike I said, they’re pros. They earn. You’ be compensated. Christ. How many peop e are on that ist? C ark: It’s , for a prospect, two for a bait dog. No studs, no champs un ess you wanna pay grand a head. Darcy: This might cost you your ive ihood, C ark. As ong as it doesn’t cost me mine, you’re covered. (meta music p aying) There are gonna be cops, so c ean up the residence. Maybe eave a roach in an ashtray. Put Danie on that door and bring the van around.. The keys. They’re with them, I guess. I don’t know. We ne them. I got a ton of to do. Go on. This is a fire hazard. I wou dn’t put Danie on the door. Fine. P enty to do. Where’s Danie ? He stepp out. I’m covering. Everything okay? Meet me at the uti ity shed. (engine starts) Darcy: This a new ride? Yeah. Just turning it over. I think it’s getting choked. Wrong fi ter. She’s a beaut. What’s up? Ne some of the squad. R aces on y. Tonight? Darcy: Now. The ist. This is everybody who knows? Yeah. Inc uding the band. Knows what? Manageab e. From here on out, not a sing e name gets add un ess they have r aces. There’s peop e in there. You p us four. Give Gabe the keys in case we have to p ay va et. We’re osing ight. Tiger: You got it? Sam: Yeah. Whoa, watch out! That cou d be asbestos. Tiger: It’s not asbestos. You don’t have a phone, do you? They took it. Hers too. I’m gonna search her, okay? Sam:

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