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start to coordinate. Listen to me, James! We gotta complement each other, all right? I’m not trying to compliment no marshmallow. A good detective knows how to blend in with the locals, so his prey never sees him coming. Oh, ye , you blending, all right. James, let me tell you something, the right gust of wind hit this thing, I’m giving you ‘s P. Diddy. Look at this, James. All right. Wait here. Why I gotta wait here? Why you gotta talk? Detective, I’m asking nicely. Please, I need a suspect. You’re the Atlanta fella. Captain Pedro Hernandez. Honored to meet you. Detective James Payton. We just wanted to give you a heads-up. We’re gonna be working in your jurisdiction, questioning a possible witness. HERNANDEZ: Thanks for the heads-up. TYPING BEN: What? Hydrangeas? Ugh. MEN LAUGHING AND APPLAUDING What’s up with this? It’s the Antonio Pope Foundation’s annual fundraiser. That’s Antonio himself. He’s a big donor. He owns one of the largest shipping companies on the East Coast. Oh! What is your problem? You’re at my desk. I’m sorry. I was looking at some floral arrangements. Well, don’t. Don’t touch my computer. Don’t look at my computer. This stuff is sensitive. That is fine. I’ll log out. Oh, you’re gonna log out? Oh! Girl game I said, don’t touch! Oh! GROANS It hurts, I know. GRUNTING James? Oh! Soft-tissue manipulation. Pressure points. CONTINUES GRUNTING Come on, Ben, you should be able to get out of that. She got my appendix, James. She locked this whole side up. Can he get out of this? GROANING Ooh! GRUNTING I don’t know about that one. Whoa! Come on, Ben. You’re embarrassing me. Man up. MAYA: Ye , you’re embarrassing him. I tap out! I tap out! You’re pathetic. Detective Payton, Atlanta Vice. Down here a couple of days on assignment. Oh, my hat! Detective Cruz. Homicide. And I’m Officer Ben Barber, and I am his partner. No, he’s not. I’m not shaking your hand after that. OBJECTS CLATTERING Come on, James. Let’s go. Before I have to bust her ass. Let’s go. Come on, James. ‘Cause she’s too much. I don’t know what her problem is. James, it’s really cool that you needed me to come down here and all, man. But I feel bad, because I know you had to cancel all your plans. What plans? My bachelor party. I didn’t have nothing planned. Ye , right. Boy, if you don’t stop game Seriously, you didn’t have anything? Nothing? James, I’m not even into that. Strippers and game I’m not trying to come home to the Lady Hammer with glitter all on me. I’m not game Come on. Mmm-hmm. Hey, on a more serious note, Angela need to know who you’re bringing to the wedding, James. Either Nicki Minaj or Patti LaBelle. You know what you’re doing? You’re road-blocking. That’s what you’re doing, man. You’re road-blocking. You’re still holding onto something. I know what it is. You’re afraid that when me and Angela go sail off into the sunset, that you’re gonna be by yourself. But here’s the thing, James. You can sail off into the sunset with me and Angela. After the honeymoon, though. You can’t go there. ‘Cause that’s when me and Angela gets busy. If you say that one more time, I’mma shoot you in the face. Again, it doesn’t bother me. You know why, James? Because it’s just banter. Is that right? It’s a trademark of all great partnerships, to be honest with you. No, no. It’s a trademark of the brothers-in-law. Uh-oh! Guess who just showed up? The brothers-in-law. Look, look, look, man. That ain’t gonna fly. One more, one more. Everybody settle down! Because the brothers-in-law just got to town. You say that again, and I’mma shoot you in the face, too. Say game You game All right, fine. CELL PHONE VIBRATING Oh, you funny. It’s gonna stick. All right. How you wanna handle this whole thing with AJ? Wanna do Good Cop-Bad Cop? Prisoner’s Dilemma? Why don’t you leave that by-the-book at the academy? We’re gonna assess the situation and play it on instincts. My instincts. With all due respect, I really feel like we should do the Reid technique. Okay? I done studied it. Why don’t we try the “Ben, shut the hell up” technique, all right? Let’s run that all day. POUNDING ON DOOR AJ. open up! I’m gonna go check around the window. DOOR RATTLING Hey! Police! Stop! You better stop! James! He running! That’s a foot chase! Don’t say foot game It’s a foot chase! It’s a foot chase, James! Stop right there! You ain’t gotta say “Foot chase!” Hey! Stop! Relax! THUDS BEN: James! I’m okay! What’d I say? Police! Stop! Slow down! Police, stop! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Police! Goddamn rookie. CAR ALARM CHIRPS AJ: Enjoy your barbecue! Get down! I see you! Stop! BEN GRUNTS God. BEN: Police, stop! That’s it! I’mma shoot you! AJ! AJ! Don’t you jump game EXCLAIMING Damn it! AJ! GRUNTING Oh! I got you, AJ! God damn it, I missed. You’ll be okay. It doesn’t look that bad! AJ, get your ass game AJ! AJ! YELLS AND GRUNTS Get your little game Get in the back room! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! BARKING Oh, ! Heel! Heel! Police! WHISTLING Stop it! God damn it! ! God damn. ! ROOSTERS CLUCKING Get out of here! Get out! SCREAMING BRAKES SCREECH GRUNTS Oh, AJ. You okay, man? Damn, I didn’t see you. It’s all right, this is my friend. We just playing, like game He’s okay. We just playing- What’s up, Bone Machine? What the hell you running from? What the hell, man? Why you chasing me? Why you running from the police? I didn’t know you were police! You didn’t hear us say “Stop. We the police”? Hey. I didn’t see a badge. All I saw was two mean-looking blaentlemen. “Blentlemen?” That ain’t even a word, AJ. What you trying to say, man? Just forget about it. Say what you mean. Have some balls! Say it! Okay. Black. You ran from us just because we black? Look at you. You would run from you. Okay? Look, all we wanna do is talk to you, AJ. You, and your son over there, should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to intimidate me! BEN: You can’t hear me calling you? Got me running after you in flats? JAMES: Ben? What are you doing? He got me running through alleyways! People’s houses! Chasing you through chicken coops and dogs and ! In flats, James! Look at my outfit. I can’t get another one of these. Where’s my hat at? Hey! Hey! Hey! Come here. Stay focused. Stay focused! A’ight. JAMES: Let me show you how a real detective handles this. Damn. AJ. Look, man, all we trying to do is have a little conversation about your boy, Troy, in Atlanta. Troy who? You just encrypted a drive for Troy. “Troy?” It doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t know any Troy. It don’t ring a bell? No, it does not. I’m taking your ass to jail. Come on, man! Until you let me know what’s on that little secret drive of Troy’s, your ass is locked up. Hey, my word is my rep. And this is oppression. Get your ass in there. GRUNTS Why you looking so nervous, AJ? Why your legs so twitchy? Got restless leg syndrome. Your legs won’t rest when you get to jail. As a matter of fact, they gonna be working overtime to keep them “blentlemen” off your back. Last thing they’re gonna do with your ass is be “blentle.” That’s the last thing they gonna do. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I am not a criminal, and you know that! This

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